We are always attracted to everything abroad, so social networks are no exception. On this site, people usually post short, funny statuses that cause other users to think about a topic. In fact, Facebook is a very convenient and multifunctional platform for communication, promoting your work and much more. Sometimes these states, whether of love, happiness or life, are a kind of rhetorical question. The main advantage is that you can leave comments under these tricks and nice Facebook statuses. 

All you have to do is select one from our page, post it, and follow your friends’ actions. Maybe someone will want your post to such an extent that they will share it on their profile. In this article you will find the best selection of sad and funny statuses for Facebook for all occasions and for any mood!

Beautiful statuses for Facebook

These beautiful statuses for Facebook are about what’s going on around you, what your mood can reflect, and then it can be shared with your virtual friends.

Learn to forgive, do not judge everyone harshly, out of anger! Do not extinguish the light of your soul, do not try to answer more painfully! There are no winners in life, only a lot of losses!

⇒ It is very difficult to explain something to a person who hears in your words only what he wants to hear.

Never rely on anyone. Don’t expect anything from anyone. Just do it yourself. Believe me – it’s much easier.

⇒ You don’t love anyone and everyone will like you!

Don’t worry, they will surely remember you. When they need it!

You want to be happy

⇒ Any step can change your life. The only question is in which direction to take this step.

⇒ The girl is the sun, which should shine for everyone, but be warm for only one!

⇒ There are no euros to please everyone!

⇒ We don’t even know how many interesting things we know about ourselves, about whose existence we don’t even know.

⇒ Whoever does not draw conclusions from the past, but lives only in the present and does not think about the future, will eventually lose everything!

⇒ How tired I am of this monotony: work-home-work-home… I would like something good, kind and, most importantly, extraordinary to happen in life!

⇒ In the modern world, it is not those who are smarter who survive, but those who do not care!

⇒ If there are rats around, then the ship is still floating.

It is strange that we ask God to change our situation, not knowing that He sent us to change us.

⇒ You have noticed how offended people are who have fallen into the hole they dug in you

⇒ What you have been looking for all your life may be closer than you think. Look around!

We are silent when we have to shout. We’re waiting to run. We laugh when we have to cry.

The world is arranged in such a way that if you are a good and kind person, then most likely nothing good will shine for you in this life.

Life status to put on Facebook

Life is a complicated thing. The best, smartest and most significant statuses to put on Facebook for life will help you cope with its enigma!

People become adults not when they stop listening to their mother, but when they understand that their mother was right!
Don’t look back, just go forward. People who really need you will definitely be aware of your direction.
Remember: the whiter, softer and fluffier you are, the more pleasant it is to wipe your feet.
I did things I regret now. But if I don’t learn from my mistakes, I’ll repeat them.
Until you learn to appreciate what it is, you will never be happy.
Take the risk at least once in your life to get rid of a lot of other people’s problems and the people in your life that you don’t need.
🍂 One day, someone’s indifference will teach us to ignore everyone. This is how we begin to love and appreciate our loneliness.
🍂 It is said correctly – the better the soul, the more difficult the fate.
🍂 Leave in silence and you will see who needs you.
🍂 Never explain anything to anyone. However, everyone will understand how beneficial it is for him.
🍂 When you jump for joy, be careful that someone does not take your ground from under your feet!
Do not hold the one who leaves you. Otherwise, the one who comes to you will not arrive.
🍂 Even if you fit in, it doesn’t mean you’re in the right place.
Never regret it because you followed what made you happy… because at that moment you thought it was so good and it made you feel fulfilled!
🍂 Sometimes it is useful to be silent so that people want to hear you. And leave in time for them to want to see you again.
I want to believe that the one who is close will not betray me. He who is far away will not forget me. And the one who betrayed me and forgot me – will never appear again in my life.
🍂 Help a hundred times and they will not forget. Refuse once and you will be remembered for a lifetime.
🍂 Smile and everyone will laugh with you. Cry and you will cry alone.
🍂 And whatever happens, I have the courage to hope, to smile, to get over it and to laugh!
Do not strive to be good to people, because for many of them, a good person means comfortable.
When you fall, don’t forget two things – who pushed you and who didn’t support you. This will definitely come in handy when you get back on your feet.
🍂 Life tests you, love awaits you.
🍂 Life is full of beauty. Pay attention to this aspect. Breathe in the scent of rain and feel the wind. Live life to the fullest and fight for your dreams!

New statuses for girls and boys

In this paragraph you will find new and cool statuses for the most beautiful half of humanity and for the best boys.

↩️ My worst photo is better than your most successful!
↩️ You can cry for what you lost or you can fight for what you have left!
↩️ There are two types of gifts: good ones too.
↩️ I don’t need to be loved by the whole world, there are enough of them that I choose myself.
↩️ You drank and argued
↩️ I only regret what I did NOT do!
↩️ Never regret it! If it’s good, it’s wonderful! If it’s bad, it’s an experience.
↩️ I have a bad memory for girls I don’t want to see.
↩️ The woman was created so that the man would not die of happiness.
↩️ If you think I have such an interesting cultural environment, you should see me as an uncivilized Friday and an inappropriate Saturday!
↩️ For women, everything is simple: long hair should be cut, short hair should be straightened, straight hair should be wavy and curly hair should be straightened.
↩️ As a child, I was afraid of the dark. Now, when I see my electricity bill, I’m afraid of the light.
↩️ To all the girls who are waiting for the prince on a white horse – let me know! The horse is dead, I’m walking, so you’re going to be late.
↩️ My childhood dream came true – I grew up and I don’t have to wake up at school at 7:15. Now I wake up at work at 5:20.
↩️ For the very evil ones, I am particularly careless.
↩️ I like BMW, and BMW loves me… But my salary doesn’t want us to be together.
↩️ Appreciate what a person does for you… Because you will never know when you will lose it!
↩️ Envy is when you visit my page more often than I do.
↩️ Don’t talk to me until I take off my crown. By the way, I’m not taking off my crown.
↩️ Perfection
↩️ I’m not the chocolate that everyone would like. I’m a nut that’s not for everyone’s teeth.
↩️ I am the queen of this world. And I don’t care if something doesn’t suit you.
↩️ You won’t like it
↩️ I made a lot of mistakes. I regret some, and for others I still pay today.

Comic status for Facebook

For those who are used to funny Facebook statuses, who make their friends and guests of their page laugh to tears, we provide a list of comic statuses for Facebook, which will show everyone your great sense of humor.

😄 Sometimes it seems to me that Facebook was created for parents, so that they know who their children are with and what they eat.
😄 If you think you did not look good in photography, then look at it again in ten years.
😄 When someone asks me what is more important, food or love, I shut up because I eat.
😄 I think a man should cook. First of all, it’s beautiful. Secondly, I’m lazy.
😄 If the woman is a box of secrets, then the man is a box of stories!
Maybe I fell in your eyes, but you didn’t even get up in mine.
😄 It’s easier to be a woman. You were a little capricious and got everything you needed. It’s harder to be a man. You were a bit capricious and you didn’t have anything like that and you didn’t.
  • Only its photocopy can be worse than a passport photo.
  • I never listen to music alone. I still have 5 floors with me.
  • If the robbers break into my house and start looking for money, then I will laugh and start looking with them.
  • It’s fine at home, but you don’t have to wash dishes at the party.
  • I like to read horoscopes. This is the only place where I have money, travel and ideal relationships.
  • Nothing excites the imagination like a wallet found on the road.
  • It’s easy for a girl to get noticed: she’s wearing a red dress and that’s it! Well, in principle, it’s easy for the boy too: he put on a red dress and that’s it!
  • Never argue with a man! Either start crying or undress!
  • Over the years, I have become more experienced, but for some reason, stupidity and wisdom increase in the body in equal proportions.
  • What do Romanians do when the light goes out
  • Big money – it corrupts you, small money – it hurts you. I want a lot, a lot, a lot of average money!
  • Somewhere in the house there is a secret place where socks, remote controls and keys go to die.
  • Everyone has the right to be stupid, but some abuse this privilege!
    😄 You know very well that if you want to hurt me, you can take it!
    I feel like a rainbow, always with my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.
    It’s hard not to do anything. You never know when you’re done.
    I’m not selfish. If you want, I’ll give you all my problems!
    😄 Having an argument against a woman is like being arrested! Anything you say could be used against you!
    😄 The heart is on the left and for this reason it cannot make the right decisions!

    Facebook picture statuses

    The interesting social network Facebook has many fans in our country as well. We hope that these statuses for Facebook photos will find many fans among girls and boys.

    🖤 ​​Life is like photography: it’s better when you smile.
    🖤 ​​Take as many photos as possible so that there is always something to remember and something to forget.
    🖤 ​​Photography is a framework of our life. Looking at a photo, we remember the whole story and are transported to the past.
    🖤 ​​Memories and photos are all that remains with us from the past.
    🖤 ​​There is nothing more interesting than old photos with loved ones.
    I know that one day everything will be history. And our images will become old photos.
    🖤 ​​With the help of the camera, I saved the moments of life, because I learned to capture the moment and stop time.
    🖤 ​​Only modesty can be added to my indescribable beauty.
    🖤 ​​Everyone probably has a photo that doesn’t matter how you came out, the important thing is that you are there with a person you love.
    🖤 ​​And again it’s night, when all the conversations become sincere…
    🖤 I’m not an artist, but I paint my dreams. I’m not a writer, but I’m writing my book of life.
    🖤 ​​There is nothing more deceptive than photography. We believe that we have captured a happy moment forever, but in reality we are only adding sadness, which is already enough in this world. We press the button, and the happy moment is over.
    🖤 ​​Too bad a photo can’t be hugged.
    🖤 ​​It happens that you look at a photo and realize how happy you were that day.
    🖤 ​​The world is interesting. If you say “thank you”, it will say “thank you”. If you smile at her – she will smile at you too. All good things start with you.
    🖤 ​​There are people with whom you have few photos to share, but many memories.
    🖤 ​​Best friends don’t have good photos together.
    🖤 ​​You need to be able to leave on time so that, after you leave, people will not sigh with relief, but with regret.
    Forget who you are now and become who you want to be.
    🖤 ​​The photos are proof that I lived.
    I am the happiest person in the world. No, I didn’t fall in love, I slept well!
    🖤 ​​Photography is a secret. The more you reveal, the less you know.

    Love Facebook statuses

    Love is a beautiful thing! That’s why examples of love Facebook statuses are some of the most popular. They help you express your feelings for your loved one so that everyone can see you. And if love has turned its back, don’t be sad! A new love story is definitely waiting for you! Here are some love status ideas for Facebook:

    🖤 ​​Loving people will stay together, not because they forgot their mistakes, but because they managed to forgive them.
    🖤 ​​In this life we ​​love only once and then we look only for other similar people.
    🖤 ​​You cannot buy love by order. Taste and color come to some at once, and to others – after decades.
    🖤 ​​It is said that it hurts to look at the sun, but it is even more painful to look at the lips you love, but you cannot kiss them.
    🖤 ​​Love has no standards! Everyone has their own!
    🖤 ​​There are many hands and eyes in the back, but only your face is the most precious.
  • We all smile at the phone screen when a loved one writes to us…
  • The loss of a loved one is frightening, but it is even worse to never meet.
  • There are feelings. Smiles. And beloved lips.
  • I want to destroy all distances and hold your hand without punctuation.
  • I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.
  • He cherishes love. Take care of her with all your heart. And don’t waste seconds on small quarrels. Call now, call to tell about your endless love.
  • It is not always possible to meet a person who loves you and whom you love, but when it happens, the skin becomes chicken, butterflies come to life in the stomach and the whole universe is focused on this love.
  • One missed call from your loved one and your heart starts beating faster…
  • The lover is like the sun – even at a distance, he is able to warm you and support you with the warm rays of his genuine and powerful love.
  • A native person is able to feel your mood with which you touch the keyboard, even if you do not have any emoticon in the text!
  • 🖤 ​​Give a woman a million red roses and she will tell you that she needs one, but white!
    🖤 ​​This is how nature works: nothing increases love for a person, such as the fear of losing them.
    🖤 ​​Love is when you can cry from a funny song…
    🖤 Please hold me when I leave, because I belong to you completely.
    Love is fire and it is dangerous to play with fire.
    🖤 ​​Our life is a book, and love is its best page.
    Anyone can have dinner with a girl, but breakfast should be worth it…