If you’re wondering what March 1st wishes are, well, you know that a March 1st wish compiles words that inspire you to go out and make the most of this season of rebirth and rejuvenation. We have gathered here the best March 1st texts with wishes for girls and boys! March 1st, also called Martisor, marks the beginning of spring, one of everyone’s favorite seasons, because it tends to keep us full of life. This is when you can hear the birds chirping slowly and see the buds on the trees.

Christian wishes for March 1

The end of winter is approaching, the sun is rising, the temperature is slowly warming up and the birds are starting to sing… Here is spring !!! Here you will find Christian wishes for March 1, suitable for everyone alike. You can use them as wishes for the March 1 teacher, for colleagues, for relatives.

🔔 My spring garden is a fantasy of colors. It is God’s heaven! I invite you to see it! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 I can cut all the flowers, but I can’t stop the spring. Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 I’m always amazed every spring because I can say: he’s back! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 Spring returns to the forests destroyed by the madness and cruelty of the people, even in the cities tormented by incomprehensible wars, even in the hearts broken by the cold of indifference… Therefore, I wish you a peaceful spring, full of hope and faith!
🔔 In spring, the rural landscape is covered with green and the most varied colors: it is the most beautiful season, it is the rebirth of life. Congratulations on March 1, dear countrymen!
Spring is the season when we witness the flowering of our flowers and our faith! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 I hear the cry of a swallow: spring has come! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 The attenuation of the glacial cold makes us understand that spring has arrived today! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 I wish you happiness and love – they are the best gifts of spring! And may all dreams come true on this beautiful day of March 1st!
🔔 Among the first days of spring, March 1 is the most expensive. All over the world, for all peoples, the beginning of spring is the same! Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 The bitter cold of this winter has disappeared, and a rainy spring has come in its place. Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 Spring is the circle that nature makes with flowers, animals and the earth. Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. It’s a pity that in the last few years only a few days have come to light… Congratulations on March 1st!
Spring is when life manifests itself in everything. Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 I can’t wait for spring to come and the scent of roses to penetrate the whole room when I open the window in the morning… Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 Spring is like happiness: we look forward to it and when it comes, we never appreciate it enough. Congratulations on March 1st!
It is a joy to see so many green branches in the wind and so many blooming flowers. It is a great joy because it is spring in the blood. Congratulations on March 1st!
🔔 Spring has arrived, but it seems to be still in the middle of winter… Congratulations on the snowy March 1st!
🔔 Winter has not disappeared yet, and spring had suddenly appeared transformed into a cascade of sunlight… Congratulations on March 1!
🔔 How long does spring last?

March 1st messages and wishes (funny)

Spring is considered to be the first of the four conventional seasons of the year. Winter follows and precedes the summer season. In many cultures, it symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. This season, you can show your sense of humor by sending your loved ones funny March 1 messages and wishes.

😄 Attention, attention, this is not an exercise. Leave the houses, play outdoors, Spring is back! Get out of bed and enjoy! Congratulations to all on March 1st!
😄 Not even 100 springs could express my love for you. And you’re waiting to receive a message from me
today 😄 I didn’t forget to kiss you before I left for work, I just took the evidence to the office. Congratulations on March 1, my love.
😄 You could be anywhere and with anyone this spring. But you decided to be here and be my girlfriend. What a great decision! Congratulations on March 1st!
😄 I’m so lost in your love that I don’t know who I was before I loved you. All I know is that I was born to love you! Congratulations on March 1st!
😄 Mrs. Spring arrived with a comfortable bus. She has a flowery dress, a big sun on her hat, grass in her hair and she smiles like beautiful children. Congratulations on March 1st!
Remember that you have to postpone getting out of bed. This is the problem that all queens have to endure. Sorry. Congratulations and congratulations on March 1st!
😄 Honey, I never want to see tears in those cute eyes because you miss me, I know I’m irresistible anyway! So, please meet us as soon as possible! For example, on the first day of spring, which is today!
😄 Maybe the reason you woke up in my absence this spring is because I ran away from you.
😄 Cute, have a good spring morning, full of sweet moments. Don’t forget to bring me something from your tour and not come empty handed like last time. Congratulations on March 1st!
😄 Make whipped cream, I’ll bring the strawberry… Congratulations on March 1st!
😄 My love, before you wake up, I think about how lucky I am. You’re kind of a nightmare when you dream that spring isn’t coming! Congratulations on March 1st!
😄 I hope the spring alarm will wake you up today and you won’t fall asleep again! Congratulations on March 1, my dear colleague!
😄 Spring is like a child, sometimes good, but often mischievous. And March is called a crazy month: it brings a warm sun and immediately goes after the big umbrella. Have a happy March 1st!

March 1st and 8th wishes for women

Here we have compiled March 1st and 8th wishes for women who can express the joy of spring. You will find congratulations and wishes for March 1 for colleagues, for mother, for educators, for teachers.

👩 A woman is a mixture of love, kindness, spirit and courage. It has an incredible feature: that of creating humanity. Today is the first day of spring, which is followed by Women’s Day. But for me, respect for women is 365 days, 24 hours a day. Therefore, I wish you a good day for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and forever!
👩 Happy birthday to all women who bring color and sweetness to our lives. Thank you and congratulations on March 1st and 8th!
👩 A woman is like a rainbow… gives life its bright colors. Congratulations on March 1st and 8th to all women!
👩 You are charming, like a rose, but there is only one difference: the rose freezes in the frost, and your charm – never! Congratulations on March 1st and 8th!
👩 A beautiful March 1st day for a simply wonderful woman!
👩 We need spring sunlight and clear eyes! Congratulations!
👩 A thought for you on this special day of March 1! You should be celebrated and respected every day of spring, summer, autumn and winter!
👩 Spring is for you! Spring is women’s season! Happy Birthday!
👩 March 1 and Women’s Day are prerequisites for spring! These days, thinking, beauty and gentleness are celebrated! Congratulations to all the women!
👩 Spring is the season to honor all the strong, courageous and independent women in the world! That’s why I want to wish you a happy birthday!
👩 May people and flowers smile on this day with the rays of spring, and may love, health, happiness and dreams always go through life with you!
👩 March is the holiday of two beauties: spring and women! Congratulations on March 1st and 8th to all women!
👩 Congratulations! You are a woman! So it’s your birthday! Happy March 1st and 8th!
👩 Without women, the Earth would be much less a carrier of love, hope and gentleness! Happy March 1st and 8th to all women!
👩 Since the dawn of time, many women have been muse and inspiration of poets, writers, singers, painters… The charming mystery and the charm it emanates are certainly something amazing! Congratulations on March 1st and 8th to all women!
A woman is like the moon. It gives darkness the hope of light. Congratulations on March 1st and 8th to all women!
👩 I would like to congratulate you cordially for the happy spring holidays! Happy Birthday!
👩 On the occasion of March 1st and 8th, I wanted to offer you an original bouquet: lilies for elegance and femininity. Roses for passion and love. Sunflower for happiness and warmth. Congratulations!
👩 How lucky you are to be a woman! Congratulations on March 1st and happy birthday on March 8th! And don’t forget to celebrate the other 363 days !!!

Happy birthday from March 1st 

Writers, poets, painters and other creative minds have been fascinated by the spring for centuries. In fact, some of the most famous poems refer to this time of year. In our turn, we offer you wishes from many years of March 1 in English, just as creative:

🌎 Seasons are unstoppable in their cycles. When your life is in the dead of Winter just keep in your heart that Spring will always soon come.
🌎 Humans can be seasons. The fiery, Summer. The breezy, Autumn. The cold, Winter. But the fair and the optimistic, Spring.
🌎 Winter will always pass and Spring will never skip. Happy Spring!
🌎 Spring is the day all lovers favor for the breezy winds and the scent of wet dew creates colorful memories that will warm them in the winter of their lives.
🌎 Do not be in so much despair as to cut a tree in the dead of winter. A little patience and soon the Spring will come and bear fruit.
🌎 The scent of spring brings a gentle memory of dirt and flowers as if the whole world were a breathing garden.
🌎 The Eternal Spring of youth comes from the laughter of the heart that in its mirth is forever young.
🌎 How quick do we forget the frost of snow when we feel the warmth of Spring on our faces.
🌎 Spring is a symbol of the arrival of Life. Happy Spring!
🌎 Love is not enough to win over a heart. One must have the shine of the sun, the flowers of the earth, and the season that is Spring.
  • You remind me of Spring. Your dewy skin, your hair tossed by the breeze, and your laughter blooming like a colorful riot of colors.
  • Spring is a party of life, the loud crash of colors, the intoxicating air full of youth, and the revelry that can be felt in everyone around.
  • Spring is a witch that arrives and weaves a spell that gets people off of their seats and out of their houses.
  • In the Spring of young love everything is as busy as bees, followed by Summer where it heats up, with the slow chilling in Autumn, and the eventual death in Winter.
  • Spring is when children stop looking outside and go through the door to enjoy the season that belongs to them.
  • Spring is a holiday best celebrated by going out and enjoying Nature.
  • You can find spring in a seed, the potential for life in something small and sleepy. Happy Spring!
  • Humans cut and harm the earth, but no matter how many trees or flowers you cut, Spring will always arrive.
  • When sadness comes, plant it like a seed in winter and you will be surprised what can grow out of it come Spring.
  • Women who fall in love reveal their feelings with the appearance of Spring in their eyes, the blossom of flowers in their cheeks, and the scent of romance on their skin.
  • There is an anticipatory silence before the coming of Spring. Happy Day.
  • 🌎 Spring is a dress best worn when in love. Happy Spring!
    🌎 Living life is difficult but Spring is when we get a reprieve. Happy Spring!
    🌎 Spring flowers and sunlight is more than enough to make the most miserable people smile.
    🌎 Every time we fall in love is a rebirth of Spring in the heart. Happy Spring!

    Happy March 1st (in French)

    This paragraph contains beautiful wishes for March 1 in French, describing the beauty of the season in a few words.

  • If God hadn’t created you, the world wouldn’t be happy after all. Congratulations on March 1!
  • I wish you a spring gaze that can melt the heart of any man and a sunny harmony in your soul to always play on the strings of happiness, creating a joyful melody of your destiny.
  • Since March 1! Surprise everyone with your unearthly beauty, be brighter than the bright spring sunshine, streams are more fun than babbling everywhere, and enjoy every moment of the coming spring!
  • Today, remember that you are the source of all life. Contemplate the world and rejoice in knowing that, without you, life would have been impossible. Enjoy your life to the fullest.
  • I wish you always had a periodic table. Let the jewelry be gold and platinum, the dishes – in silver, the nerves – in iron, the resistance – in pewter, the aging – in lead! From March 1!
  • Congratulations on March 1, this holiday is so bright and warm that it smells of the scent of flowers and freshness, in a word – a spring day. I wish you always had spring in your soul.
  • When the world was created, you were also created to beautify it. You have done your job to perfection, that’s why the whole world is smiling at you today.
  • To the first spring break, precious women! Let him open the doors to the world of warmth, love, joy and the obligatory fulfillment of desires. Always be beautiful and irresistible!
  • On the day when there is a smell of mimosa around us and a colorful paradise of tulips, I congratulate you, ladies, on the occasion of March 1st. Let cheerful smiles, the freshness of spring, your charm, sincere compliments and flowers will always adorn you.
  • Behind every successful man stands a woman who gets ahead of him! Three cheers to the woman of tomorrow!
  • May every day be like March 1st: compliments, enthusiasm, gifts, flowers and love. Good holidays!
  • I wish that the magnificent Trinity – Success, Love, Luck, has always accompanied you, and not only on March 1, ringing with a drop and saturated with spring aromas!
  • Beautiful women! Each of you embodies spring with its inherent colors, aromas, freshness and joy. On March 1, I wish you sincere elevation, blooming beauty and femininity all year round. Please inspire and delight us!
  • The first of March is the first smile of spring, the first tenderness of flowers, the first warmth of nature. Let all this settle in your soul so that fate will be beautiful and tender in the spring.
  • March 1st wishes for children

    Spring is welcome for everyone, because it is a significant and warmer change than the snowy and cold winter. Give, in addition to martisoare, wishes for 1 Mars for children. You will definitely enjoy it!

  • The sparrows flying from branch to branch, with their melodious chirping, seem to say to the hurried child at school: “It’s spring, stop for a moment!” Congratulations on March 1st, my dear hurried child! Enjoy your childhood!
  • Leave your coat, scarf and hat, it’s not cold anymore, my dear child! The playground is already waiting for you, and spring has arrived in the city… Congratulations on March 1st!
  • Spring reaches its peak and, like a loving mother, she awakens her child, awakens nature with her love. Congratulations on March 1, dear students!
  • In the spring the flowers bloom, the fruits are born on the trees and the birds return to sing: joy is everywhere and we, the children, can’t wait to run happily on the grass! Congratulations on March 1st!
  • Nothing will be able to keep the doors of Spring closed: it will come in with a lot of warmth, it will bring love and it will alleviate any pain. Congratulations on March 1st!
  • After a cold night, the darkness disappeared, leaving the place worthy of the light. Winter is tired, he went to rest and spring arrived on time… Congratulations on March 1st
  • My dear child, the raindrops that fall from the sky in spring are like tears of joy: they do no harm, but they cheer the soul. Congratulations on March 1st!
  • Spring always causes a certain laxity in my son’s school work… Congratulations on March 1, my dear son! Bring you better grades in the spring!
  • How beautiful it is to be a child, especially when it is spring outside and the sun is shining like a colorful kite flying in the clear blue sky. Congratulations on March 1st to all the children!
  • The swallow in the sky, looking for its nest, seems to be shouting at everyone with its chirp: “Wake up, spring has arrived!”. Congratulations on March 1st to all the children!
  • Spring is the mother of all, but above all of the poor, of those who have no home and live on the streets and this season have a starry sky instead of a ceiling and the warmth of this wonderful season instead of a blanket. Let’s be better, more merciful and more involved! Each of us, from small to large, can create a happy spring for every human being!
  • The relentless winter has finally disappeared. Spring has returned in all its splendor, bringing with it promises of happiness. Congratulations on March 1st!
  • Let’s dance, sing and play together – that’s what we want! Spring has arrived and music and color are all around. Congratulations on March 1st to all the children!
  • Spring has a long brush to color the beautiful village: cheerful colorful butterflies dance around red and yellow tulips, lonely daffodils rise from the grass like kings and everything around looks enchanting… Congratulations on March 1st to all the children!
  • Best wishes for March 1st

    Wish your friends and family a “happy spring”! Enjoy sharing your most beautiful March 1st wishes with your loved ones!

    ✅️ Sometimes, spring is late, it has many things to think about: delicate scents for many beautiful flowers, waking animals from long hibernation and the sun shining with a beautiful yellow color! But we are waiting for her! Happy March 1st!
    ✅️ In the spring, the rainbow happily announces that the clear sky has returned, and the storm has already disappeared, leaving a trail of damp scent. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ The smell of spring earth envelops you and makes you participate in the miracle of nature. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ The purple tulip you see in the garden was not there, it bloomed in the morning. It is spring… and she will bring many other tulips!
    ✅️ The flowers in the fields are born spontaneously and are raised by Mother Spring. Today, March 1, I want you to have a riot of flowers in your room!
    ✅️ Spring is back with its light breeze, when the days get longer and the nights get shorter. Happy March 1st to all!
    ✅️ Spring has a flag of flowers, scents and colors. If you want to fly it too, look at the sky, in the bluest sky! Happy March 1st!
    ✅️ Even the last snow melted, the heat of spring surrendered and a flower was born near the hard stone. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ The spring breeze gently moves the fragile petals of the small flowers that light up the wet dew meadows… Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ In the spring, the wind whispers words of love among the flowering branches that lovers do not dare to say… Congratulations on March 1!
    ✅️ You can’t put the spring perfume in a vial. It is in the air, on the ground: it is unique. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ I discovered the scent of spring tonight: it is soft and intense at the same time. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ Parks and gardens resound with joy at the cries of the little ones under the watchful eye of their grandparents who return in the spring as a child… Grandma, have a happy March 1st!
    ✅️ Spring is full of life, bringing with it colorful flowers, sparkling breezes, sweet and intense scents and also fluffy pollen that flies here and there, making you sneeze! Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ Each spring flower has a special color and together with the others forms a melodious orchestra. Congratulations to all on March 1st!
    ✅️ The flowering tulip in the garden looks like a glass filled with wine, which spreads its aroma in the atmosphere. So, it’s spring! Congratulations to all on March 1st!
    ✅️ Spring is the mother of all, bringing beautiful flowers while waiting for the fruits. Happy March 1st!
    ✅️ Spring is the confirmation that things will go well and the light will return even in the darkest nights. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ✅️ Spring is the most beautiful season: it is happy, full of life, it is really a young one. Happy March 1st!

    March 1st spring wishes (short)

    To celebrate the first day of spring and the whole season of hope and new beginnings, we have gathered the best and shortest wishes for the spring of March 1 to cheer up your day as well as the coming months.

    ⭐ Let’s celebrate spring like a great queen! Let’s enjoy her generous gifts!
    ⭐ In spring, the intense scent of flowering mimosas renews the love of women! Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ The beauty of spring is contained by the roses that, like queens, dominate the flowers. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ The cold winter wind blew away, and in its place came a light breeze, announcing the return of spring. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ You are finally here! With us, we greet sunny days, hope and optimism. May you always shine in us.
    ⭐ Whenever I hear your name and see your face, I feel it in the spring.
    ⭐ If the saying “say it with flowers” is true, how many wonderful words nature tells us in spring
    ⭐ In the spring evenings we can see the first fireflies… Congratulations to all on March 1st!
    ⭐ Spring is seen as the season of nature, awakening and rebirth. Congratulations to all on March 1st!
    ⭐ Flowers spread a sweet scent on the meadows: Spring has arrived! Congratulations on March 1st!
    Spring is a sweet poem that nature dedicates to its creator. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ Close your eyes and let the spring wind caress your face: you will feel the touch of your lover. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ Very fragrant violets are born in the spring. I have prepared a bouquet for you too! Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ Spring is the season of love: it awakens nature, souls, heart. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ In spring, lovers are happy; they have the scent of flowers as accomplices. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ Spring is back blooming, lovely, with flowers. Congratulations everyone!
    ⭐ Welcome, sweet spring. May you continue to live every day in my heart and in the hearts of the people I love.
    ⭐ I like the spring wind that binds the grass, caresses the flowers and brings new good smells. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ Spring brings many flowers that remind us that hope must always be
    reborn ⭐ Never forget that after winter, even the hardest, spring always returns.
    ⭐ Flowers that bloom on branches in spring are silent words that celebrate nature. Congratulations on March 1st!
    ⭐ Feel the scent
    ⭐ The first bright colors joyfully announce the new season: Spring has arrived. Congratulations to all on March 1st!
    Spring brings us joy and happiness. Congratulations to all on March 1st!
    ⭐ In spring it is pleasant to walk through the flowered and green parks. What do you say, we’re going for a walk?

    March 1st wishes of love

    Spring is also the season of love in the making. So, don’t waste your time and send a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a spring message to the one who warms your heart – for your girlfriend / boyfriend, for your wife / husband. Here are some examples of March 1 love:

    🖤 ​​I feel in your eyes, I lose myself in your smiles, I feel good in your arms… I love you just as much and every day more and more. Congratulations on March 1st!
    You are the most amazing girl I know. You are beautiful and smart and you manage to make me laugh like no one else can. I don’t know if I deserve you, but what I know and what I want to tell you is that I love you. Congratulations on March 1st!
    🖤 ​​I wish so much that I would never leave you, that I would always have you with me… this spring and always! Congratulations on March 1st!
    Words often fail to express all the love I feel when I need it. But I want to tell you how much I appreciate you, more and more every spring spent together! Congratulations on March 1st!
    🖤 ​​I would like to be your nightgown, sleep with you and flirt every night this spring… Congratulations on March 1st!
    🖤 ​​Congratulations on March 1st to the man of my dreams. I hope you have an amazing spring day!
    🖤 ​​I look forward to the break of the day. I look out the window and shout, “Hello, my lady spring!” I love you! Congratulations on March 1st!
    🖤 ​​You are as beautiful as the moonlight. Beautiful as a goddess. And under this starry spring sky I want to declare your love! I love you and I would like to make you the happiest woman in the world! Congratulations on March 1st!
    Esti You are the one I want to wake up with every spring. Congratulations on March 1, love!
    🖤 ​​If winter said that spring is in my heart, who would believe winter.
    🖤 ​​The waves of your desires and the winds of your sighs make this March 1 an ocean of joy. I love you!
    🖤 ​​I miss you more and more, with every breath of spring…
    🖤 Meeting you this winter is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me! You have become the indispensable person in my life, the one I will never part with. You fill me more and more with joy and happiness and I look forward to spending the spring that comes only in two!
    Mea My crowned goddess, you are the dawn of my days. Just like spring, you fascinate me! Congratulations on March 1st!
    🖤 ​​I would like to do with you what spring does with cherries. Congratulations on March 1st!
    🖤 ​​Once the beautiful spring days have arrived, I feel the need for your presence, the scent of love that awakens my senses… I need you, my love.
    🖤 ​​I want another sweet spring morning with you…
    🖤 I keep thinking about you, my dear treasure, this only fuels my desire to be with you on this first day of spring. You are the princess of my dreams.