Be the one to share smiles with the help of words, be the messenger of good mood on the eve of the holiday! At the turn of the year, prepare for your loved ones a happy New Year, to enjoy them. Here is the funny collection we have prepared for you!

The role of New Year’s wishes is to end the passing year with a smile on your face and to greet the one who comes with a happy and hopeful heart. And who doesn’t like a healthy portion of laughter.

Mark Twain had a special way of saying that New Year’s Eve is nothing more than another pretext to spend. “The New Year is a harmless annual event, of no particular use to anyone, perhaps only to be used as a reason for promiscuous fun, friendly appellation and free promises,” he said.

Maybe the great writer was right, but we want to believe that the New Year’s party is more than that. We want to believe that it is a magical moment that we share with our loved ones, that from somewhere the unseen time has left its mark again and made a substantial change: it has returned another tab in the annual calendar.

Let’s end the year properly, with a smile on our face and share the joy with those we can’t be close to, with these funny New Year’s wishes:

1. Last year I was so stubborn and bad. I have caused you so much suffering with my way of being, I have always troubled you. This year, I want you to know that nothing will change. Happy New Year!
2. Next year, let’s be better, more forgiving. If I’ve ever made a mistake, give me a chance to make a mistake again. Happy New Year!
3. Happy birthday! May the new year reflect your true image in the mirror and finally subscribe to the gym!
4. For the New Year, make a sacred promise: not to spend New Year’s Eve glued to a computer, dressed in pajamas, but in the most beautiful costume / the most beautiful dress! Happy Birthday!
5. Now, at the end of the year, make peace with your body, you are in perfect shape! I mean, I mean, and the circle is a geometric shape! Happy Birthday!
And if these New Year’s greetings seemed a little mischievous to you, here are some more good ones:
6. May, while the clock strikes 12 o’clock, you find the strength to make a Happy New Year to all your friends. on Facebook, even if you stay until the end of the year to finish the list. I wish you “Happy Birthday!”
7. For the New Year, as a good friend of yours, I decided to help you save money. Instead of spending a fortune on a party, I sent you an invitation to an online party! What fun we have! Happy Birthday!
8. I can’t wait for the new year to come! I don’t want anything for myself, I’m already perfect, but I want all your wishes to come true! Happy Birthday!
9. New Year’s Eve has arrived! Finally we can drink champagne in public without anyone calling the police!

The most beautiful New Year’s messages and wishes

Usually, you send funny New Year’s greetings to your close friends, to those with whom you have a more special relationship. It is important that the recipient of the message has a good sense of humor, otherwise they may misinterpret it. So here are some New Year’s wishes for your best friends:

10. Do you remember when we were young and we struggled to keep our eyes open for the New Year
? Now we are getting older and all we want is to sleep. Happy and sleepy New Year!
11. For the New Year, I do not wish you much success and prosperity, you have fully enjoyed them in the past year! It should be mine this year!
12. I found a delicious recipe that you should try in the new year: take twelve months, rinse well of all troubles, stress, stupid pride, selfishness, fear and envy that could harm the final preparation. Attention, this step is very important! It weighs peace, thoughtfulness and humor, enough to reach every day of the year. Sift a healthy portion of love, wisdom, sincerity and indulgence, then mix it all up until you get plenty of love. Then, with great care and patience, he sprinkles optimism, gentleness and kindness and, according to taste, adds goodwill and dedication. Or you could just buy a cake anyway, who has time to cook
Happy Birthday!
13. Happy birthday! On the first morning of the new year, you have two options: either put your head back on the pillow, or put your head back on the pillow. So let it be
14. Let the old year slowly blow its last wings in the winter wind, to greet the new one with a fresh and clean air! No, I haven’t drunk anything yet, I just want to wish you “Happy Birthday!”
15. Next year, make sure you make better decisions! Happy Birthday!
16. Happy birthday! To be happy next year, declare war on late parties and make peace with your neighbors. Not the other way around, because you always confuse them!
Here are other Happy New Year wishes to send to your loved ones:
17. Hurry up and write your list of promises for the new year, you have a few hours left! Don’t worry, you have time all year to find excuses for not respecting them. Happy Birthday!
18. The first dawn of the New Year has much in common with Santa Claus. No one stays awake until the end to see him. With the difference that Santa doesn’t exist. Oh, wait, you didn’t know
19. Happy birthday! May you have a better life next year! All you have to do is find someone willing to give it to you in return. Success!
20. Let’s have a drink in honor of the New Year! And in honor of a new chance to go to the gym, as I said every year!
21. Knock on the door, knock on the window. Who is
the New Year! Happy Birthday!
22. For the New Year, I want you to believe more in yourself, to have love, to forgive much easier, to work harder! Happy Birthday!

Happy New Year to your boyfriend or girlfriend

When your half is not near you for the New Year, the atmosphere is a little sadder. But, in order to keep your optimism and bring a smile on your face to your loved one, the solution is to send super funny New Year’s wishes. Here are some ideas for New Year’s messages and wishes for your girlfriend / boyfriend:
23. Astrological predictions for you next year: storms of kisses and hugs, tornadoes in the bedroom and peace and joy in the soul! Let all this be with me!
24. Tell the next year to bring you everything you want: money, happiness, health, peace, but don’t take one thing from me: me!
25. I wish you to have as many days as possible with me next year because you deserve a permanent pampering. I love you, happy birthday!
26. Without you, my life would be empty! But I must admit that I have a full bank account. Happy Birthday!
27. I know it may seem sudden, but I’ve been thinking a lot and it’s time to say goodbye. We had a lot of happy moments, we got along great, but I have to move on… So do you! So let’s say together, “Welcome, New Year!” Happy Birthday!
28. For the coming year I wish you boundless joy, health as much as it includes, fulfilled wishes and kisses from me as much as you can’t carry!

Orthodox New Year’s greetings

No matter what we want to have next year, we should not lack faith. Only in this way will we be able to overcome all the challenges of the year and we will be able to be better and more fulfilled. Here are some Christian New Year messages and greetings to send to relatives, friends, or acquaintances:

29. Good thoughts run to you, health and good luck! Happy Holidays, may the Lord be with you and have a New Year’s story! Happy Birthday !
30. I do not want the New Year to bring you the fulfillment of all dreams, but to have the strength to face them when they come true. Have the best in the coming year!
31. Happy birthday! The house, the house to be / The table, the table to stay / And to come around it / Good people, of humanity / To bring you joy / Good thoughts, temperance and health wishes / Many and prosperous days, from God power / Overcome the evils that confuse your lives!
32. The new year is knocking at the door, may evil turn to ashes, joy and health, may the Lord give you everything, and when you don’t even think about it, be even happier! Happy Birthday!

Other beautiful New Year wishes

There are a lot of New Year’s wishes you can make to those close to you. If you have a closer relationship with that person, you can sneak in a few jokes, but if you want to keep a more official note, try to refrain from funny New Year’s greetings that could be interpreted in an unfavorable way. Here are other Christmas and New Year messages and greetings to send:
33. It was found, following a telephone survey conducted after the New Year’s Eve party, that 2% of respondents will say, “Yes,” 3% will say “Hello.” “, While 95% will be undecided whether to answer or not. What category will you fall into? Happy Birthday!
34. The joy comes from small things, but how can a bank account with small numbers enjoy you
Happy birthday, long live us! (This can be one of the New Year’s wishes for bosses, if you get along well with him)
35. I hope you make a lot of mistakes next year! Because from mistakes you learn and become wiser and stronger. Happy Birthday!
36. My goal in the coming year is to achieve all the goals I set for myself last year and which I should have accomplished two years ago because I promised myself 3 years ago and -I planned diligently 4 years ago. Happy New Year!
37. I’ll order a pizza five minutes before the New Year, and when they come with the order, I’ll tell them, “Hey, just come
on. I ordered this a year ago!” Happy Birthday to You!
38. It is said that as you spend the last day of the year, so you will be in the New Year. Let the joy of the New Year’s party accompany you next year, but beware of the hangover! Happy Birthday!

Best wishes for the New Year 

If you have a friend or acquaintance who is not Romanian, you can congratulate him on New Year’s Eve by sending him New Year’s greetings in English. Here are some ideas:

  1. It’s time to make old mistakes in different ways. Hurray! Happy New Year! (It’s time to make old mistakes, but in different ways! Hate! Happy birthday!)
  2. My darling, I wish a fantastic year for you wherein you have all the money to buy all the expensive gifts for me. Happy New Year. (My dear, I wish you a fantastic New Year, a lot of money so you can buy me the most expensive gifts. Happy birthday!)
  3. Life is funny. If you don’t laugh, you’re in trouble. Wishing you a trouble-free new year! (Life is funny. If you don’t laugh, it means you’ve messed it up! I wish you a trouble-free year)
  4. Be at War with your Vices, at Peace with your Neighbors, and let every New-Year find you a better Man- Benjamin Franklin good.