The nature around us is so fabulous and so fragile that creative people simply cannot ignore it in their writings and words. Many times, however, we do not pay attention to its charm and power. Therefore, we have prepared a collection of quotes about nature and flowers, about the seasons (autumn, winter) and everything that means relaxation in nature.

They will remind us that we are inextricably linked and that we need to take care of nature in order to enjoy its beauty!

Beautiful quotes about nature

The beauty around us gives us so many warm and light emotions! Instead, it requires only a little care, gratitude, and respect. Only in this way will nature gladly give us all that it is capable of and will give us all its valuable gifts. These beautiful quotes about nature perfectly describe the important moments related to the world around us.

πŸ‚ Nature is a huge pound that the poet sings. Victor Hugo

πŸ‚ Spring sets fire to nature with roses. Victor Hugo

πŸ‚ If one path is better than another, then be sure it is nature’s path. Aristotle

πŸ‚ Nature is the only book in which each tab keeps a truth. Goethe

πŸ‚ All processes in nature are successful. Nature knows no failure. Raymond Holliwell

πŸ‚ Nature is nothing but a succession of births and deaths. Denis Diderot

πŸ‚ Ah, my friend! Only in the peace of country life, only in the bosom of Nature, can a sensitive soul enjoy all the fullness of love and tenderness. Nikolai Karamzin
πŸ‚ Nature is an art still unknown to man. Alexander Pope
πŸ‚ Once we understand the transforming power of nature, we see that this is our strong ally and not a force to be feared. Thomas Kuhn

πŸ‚ If you live according to nature, you will never be poor; if you live according to your opinions, you will never be rich. Seneca
πŸ‚ The purpose of life is to match your heartbeat with the rhythm of the universe, to match nature. Joseph Campbell
πŸ‚ The beauty of nature is matched only by the beauty of the soul. Victor Hugo

πŸ‚ Nature is the soul of art. William Hazlitt

πŸ‚ Nature is our home, and in nature we are at home. Carlo Rovelli
πŸ‚ Throughout my life, the new mysteries of nature have made me happy as a child. Marie Curie

πŸ‚ Flowers are beautiful symbols of nature, showing us how much she loves us. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

πŸ‚ “How good it is in the bosom of nature!” Say this whenever you are in the country. Gustave Flaubert

πŸ‚ The secret of the arts is to correct nature. Voltaire

πŸ‚ Nature has never betrayed the heart that loved her. William Wordsworth

πŸ‚ If you truly love nature, you will find it beautiful everywhere. Vincent Van Gogh
πŸ‚ Nature never does anything for no reason. aristotle

Quotes about nature and ecology

We are responsible for the environment, and the state of nature depends on our actions. This is our home, in which we exist and we must treat it with love. We have selected the wisest quotes about nature and ecology, which express the need to care for the environment, but also quotes about nature and flowers or seasons, which express all the charm that exists on the green planet.

➑️ Who else is the enemy of Nature, if not the one who considers himself smarter than Her, although Nature is the best school for us
➑️ Take care of these lands, these waters. Take care of all the animals in nature, kill only the animals inside you. EA Evtushenko
➑️ We have been conquering nature for 200 years. Now we’re beating her to death.Β Tom McMillan
➑️ The most beautiful thing in nature is the absence of man. B. Bliss
All living things are afraid of torture, all living things are afraid of death; know yourself not only in man, but in every living thing, do not kill and do not cause suffering and death.Β Confucius
➑️ Don’t hurt! Don’t be indifferent! Don’t destroy! Whoever planted a tree will not break it!Β NF Reimers
➑️ Nature must be protected because we protect our children. The descendants will never forgive us for the devastation of the earth, for the desecration of what belongs not only to us, but also to them, by right. K. Paustovsky
➑️ We must live in harmony with nature and ecology. Marcus Aurelius
➑️ The earth, the mother of nature, is her grave: what she gave birth to was buried. Shakespeare William
➑️ Cruelty to animals is only the first experience for the same treatment as humans. Bernardin J.
➑️ If we want to reach some kind of agreement with Nature, then in most cases we will have to accept its conditions. R. Ricklefs
➑️ A person’s attitude towards the environment is already a personality in itself, his character, his philosophy, his soul, his attitude towards other people. Β SP Zalygin
➑️ All that is too much is the enemy of nature. Hippocrates
➑️ Do not kill the one who has found a home in the sea, Do not make food from living flesh on all fours. Do not attack a bird by surprise: violence is a serious sin that threatens retribution. A. Maari
➑️ Man has enough reasons to make efforts to preserve wildlife. But in the end, only his love can save nature. Jean Dorst
➑️ We learned to fly in the sky like birds. We learned to swim in the ocean like fish. Now it remains to learn how to live on earth like humans. B. Shaw
➑️ Man is a part of nature and must certainly live with it in a wise harmony. VM Peskov
➑️ Nature is full of good intentions, but it is not able to fulfill them. Alexander Pushkin
➑️ He loves the earth. It is not inherited by you from your parents, but is borrowed by you from your children. pica

Famous quotes about nature

When a person looks at the beauty of nature, peace is fixed directly in the soul. Many writers, philosophers and celebrities have left quotes about the peace of green nature, because nature fills the human soul with power, as rain quenches the thirst of the earth for warmth. Here are some famous quotes about nature in this regard:

➞ Nature is a labyrinth, in which the very haste with which you move will make you get lost. Francis Bacon

➞ Any uniformity is against nature when nature makes us so different. Marius Torok

➞ Woman – a trap of nature. Friedrich Nietzsche

➞ Nature resembles us, education distinguishes us. Confucius

➞ Pure sound is a kind of creation. Nature has only noises. Paul Valery

➞ Nature puts its roots deep. Comenius
➞ The doctor cares, nature heals. Hippocrates
➞ Water: the carrier of nature. Leonardo da Vinci
➞ For those who do not know mathematics, it is very difficult to convey a real feeling about beauty, the deepest beauty of nature… If you want to learn about nature, to appreciate nature, it is necessary to understand the language in which it speaks to you. Richard P. Feynman
➞ Dew – another masterpiece of nature. Vasile Ghica

➞ Art takes nature as a model. Aristotle

➞ Nature does not jump. Arthur Schopenhauer

➞ The real medicine for all diseases is nature. George Bernard Shaw
Nature: everything is an enigma and everything is a word. Victor Hugo

➞ Nature is the only killer who cannot be judged. Kazimierz Matan
Everything that nature dictates is good for a certain intention. The whole of nature, in general, is in fact nothing more than a cohesion of phenomena according to rules: and there is no lack of rules anywhere. Immanuel Kant
➞ In the face of the greatness of nature, emotion is immense. Victor Hugo

➞ All works of art are imitations of nature. Seneca

Quotes about nature and God

Nature is God’s gift, but man is its master. Through his work and the processing of the environment, man obtains the necessary means not only for himself, but also for his fellows. Where this limitation of involvement in the surrounding world is can be found in the quoted examples of nature and God.
πŸ”” Nature is the art of the Eternal God.Β Dante Alighieri
πŸ”” Trees are the endless effort of the Earth to talk to the sky.Β Rabindranath Tagore
πŸ”” If nature had as many laws as the state, the Lord Himself would not be able to control it.Β Karl Ludwig Berne
πŸ”” We must return to nature and the God of nature.Β Luther Burbank
πŸ”” Nature is everything that is not created by man.Β Gennady Malkin
πŸ”” Nature is, in a sense, the gospel, proclaiming God’s creative power, wisdom, and all the greatness.Β Mikhail Lomonosov
πŸ”” The creations of nature are more perfect than the creations of art.Β Mark Cicero
πŸ”” The closest thing to the Divine in this world is nature.Β Astolphe de Custine
Christ walked on water. If the pollution of the rivers continues, soon everyone will be able to walk on water.Β Mark Twain Nature is just the name of an effect, the cause of which is God.Β William Cowper
πŸ”” Nature is not a temple, but a workshop in which man must remain a mere worker.Β IS Turgenev
πŸ”” Nature is the creator of all creators.Β Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Quotes about man and nature

The feeling of nature and the desire to live in harmony with it, is reflected in many quotes about man and nature. Many outstanding people have reflected the wise philosophy of life in quotes about the human-nature relationship. She is in ourselves. In the end, we all came from nature.

βœ…οΈ Nature is wiser than man. Anatol Basarab
βœ…οΈ Nature, not rank, makes man decent. Publilius Syrus
βœ…οΈ Man is a terminal inflorescence of nature. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
βœ…οΈ Man does not have a nature. He has a history. Jose Ortega Gasset
βœ…οΈ Everyone has a natural desire to know. Aristotle

βœ…οΈ Technology is the nature of modern man. Octavio Paz
βœ…οΈ People parliament, nature acts.Β Voltaire
βœ…οΈ Any communication with nature somehow enlightens man, even if it is expressed in a form as cruel as hunting.Β Roerich
βœ…οΈ The closer a person gets to nature, the longer your art will live.Β Leonardo da Vinci
βœ…οΈ You need to understand nature in yourself, not you in nature. This is my revolutionary principle.Β Schopenhauer

  • Nature and education are alike. Indeed, education transforms man and, by transforming him, gives him a new nature. Menander
  • Greed is not enough for the whole of nature. Seneca
  • The perfect creation of nature is not man, but woman. Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Man is good by nature. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • The man forgets where he comes from; nature, never. Paulo Coelho
  • Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind that seeks in nature and describes the spirit by which Nature itself is animated. Auguste Rodin
  • Nature is agitated, only man does. Immanuel Kant
  • Why should I want green eyes, when nature has endowed me with brown eyes, and my brown eyes can see the green of nature. Bob Marley

Quotes about nature and life

People love to spend a lot of time in nature because it gives them energy and health. Therefore, these beautiful quotes about nature and life should make you feel positive.

  • Nature is able to lead you to peace and quiet. This is her gift to you. When you perceive nature and connect with it in this field of silence, your awareness begins to enter this field. This is your gift for nature. Eckhart Tolle
  • No one can taste the fruits of autumn while enjoying the scent of spring flowers. Samuel Johnson
  • Everything is the result of a creative effort worldwide. Nothing is dead in nature. Everything is natural and alive, and therefore the whole world is represented as one living organism. Seneca
  • Life is tragic simply because the Earth rotates and the Sun rises and settles inexorably. One day, the sun will set for the last, very last time. James Arthur Baldwin
  • The tenderness and delight we experience from contemplating nature is the memory of the time when we were animals, trees, flowers, earth. More precisely: it is the consciousness of unity, hidden from us in time. Lev Tolsto i i

  • The disease is the punishment of the revolted nature. Hosea Ballou
  • Traveling, observing nature, capturing secrets and admiring this happiness means living. F. Gebler
  • For people, autumn is the time of harvest, of the gathering of the fruits. For nature, autumn is a time of sowing, of scattering in the four winds. Edwin Way Teale
  • Roses inspire love for nature, and thorns instill respect for it. Anton Ligov
  • I like these cold, gray winter days. Such days allow you to enjoy a real state of melancholy. Bill Watterson
  • Everything that is born in nature necessarily dies, but this is not a final death, because from the death of the past something new is born, and this happens continuously. NV Stankevich
  • We are all children of the same ship, called Earth. There is a firm rule: get up in the morning, wash and put your planet in order immediately. A. de Saint-Exupery
  • Sometimes our destiny resembles that of a fruit tree in winter. Who would have thought that those bare branches would turn green and bear flowers again after the winter
    ? But we sincerely hope… we feel this. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Everything is determined by nature. voltaic
  • Happiness never matters in the face of Nature. George Bernard Shaw

  • πŸ”” God is cunning, but not malicious. Nature hides its secrets through its inherent height, not through trials. Francis Bacon

    πŸ”” Always remember that nature is not God, man is not a machine, the hypothesis is not proven. Denis Diderot

    πŸ”” Divinity and nature do nothing useless, because all that is generated by nature exists for a purpose or will be events for a purpose. Aristotle

    πŸ”” Nature is an unlimited radio station, through which God speaks to us all the time, just to choose the station. George Washington Carver

    Quotes about natureΒ 

    🌎 Every creature lives in a state of war by nature. Jonathan Swift
    All nature wears one universal grin. Henry Fielding
    🌎 Nature encourages no looseness, pardons no errors. Emerson
    As soon as man seeks to penetrate the secrets of nature – in which nothing is secret and it is but a question of seeing – he realizes that the simple produces the supernatural. Honore de Balzac
    🌎 Everything in excess is opposed to nature. Hippocrates
    🌎 Nature does nothing without purpose or uselessly. Aristotle
    🌎 The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
    🌎 Nature will tell you a direct lie if she can. Charles Darwin
    🌎 The miracles of earth are the laws of heaven. Jean Paul Richter
    🌎 What is a weed
    A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered. Ralph Waldo Emerson
    🌎 Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes by making them the fruit of his character. Ralph Waldo Emerson
    🌎 When Nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it. Emerson
    🌎 Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    🌎 Nature abhors annihilation. Marcus Tullius Cicero
    🌎 Nature is wise. You can learn everywhere and from everything. Leonardo da Vinci
    🌎 Our nature consists in motion; complete rest is death. Marcel Achard
    Nature has a positive effect on mood. It is a wake-up call for activity. Consider these quotes about nature in English, which you can write in your diary or post on social media.
    🌎 Nature is an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere. Emerson

    🌎 The world`s history is constant, like the laws of nature, and simple, like the souls of men. The same conditions continuously produce the same results. Friedrich von Schiller

    🌎 The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn. Ralph Waldo Emerson