Happy birthday SMS has become a common way to express your attitude towards the homage and to give him nice words. Thus, we have prepared an SMS list with many happy birthday, funny and interesting, sincere and festive, short and universal for such occasions. You will definitely find something suitable .

Even if you plan to personally congratulate the hero or heroine of the occasion, pick up the phone and start typing the text of your birthday wishes.

Happy birthday to all loved ones

Here you can find SMS from many years for any age and social status. Congratulations are universal, but each one evokes a lot of positive emotions.

⭐ Let all dreams and plans come true, let only sincere people, devoted friends surround you and let there be no room for discouragement and sadness! Congratulations!
⭐ Congratulations and happy birthday! From the bottom of our hearts we wish you to be healthy, to live many years and to remain so happy!
⭐ Health, joy, success! Laughter as happy as possible! Happy Birthday!
⭐ Happy birthday! We wish you health, luck, love, peace, kindness, smiles, prosperity!
⭐ Happy birthday! I wish you a wonderful life! Let only beautiful events happen!
⭐ In order to live happily ever after, you must receive pleasure and joy even from trifles! Happy birthday to you!
⭐ To work with respect, to marry out of love, to live life with patience and joy! Happy Birthday!
⭐ We wish you all the best! Let the body be understood with the soul, like honey and butter! Congratulations!
⭐ How good it is to wake up in the morning, when everyone starts congratulating you, to give you sweet gifts and to bring you pleasure! Happy birthday from me too!
⭐ We wish you a clear sky and a bright sun! Eternal peace and endless happiness! Happy Birthday!
⭐ If life is a razor, then I want you not to be hurt. Happy Birthday!
⭐ Be cheerful and happy, beautiful as you are now. Good luck to accompany you every day and every hour everywhere!
⭐ We hasten to congratulate you and wish you these words: do not get sick, do not get depressed, do not be sad and, of course, be friends with prosperity.
⭐ I wish you a lot of reasons for joy and good health! May each morning be happy and sunny.
⭐ If life is a path, then find yours in it. Happy Birthday!
⭐ Happy birthday! May each day bring you joy, smiles and gifts!
⭐ Stay the same person! It’s so easy and fun to communicate with you! Happy Birthday!
⭐ May all dreams come true. May life be long and smooth, full of bright and memorable events!
⭐ Birthday is a happy holiday! It is tasty, bright and strong, We wish the homage good luck and instead of a chair – a throne!
⭐ Have a life without a cage and handcuffs, with only high flights and soft landings! Happy Birthday!
⭐ Let your house be filled with laughter, and good luck knocking on the window! Many happy years!

SMS of thanks for happy birthday

If you are the homage and you want to send a congratulatory SMS for wishes for many years to all those who paid attention to you on your special day, we will help you by providing these examples:

➡️ Thanks! I sincerely wish you all that is so important in our lives.
➡️ I want to express my deep gratitude for such sincere, warm and much needed words at this time. It’s nice to know that your loved ones remember you!
➡️ Thank you for your optimism and generosity! May everything be fulfilled, may there be many happy moments!
➡️ Thank you, my dear! Have a life sprinkled with happiness and kindness too!
➡️ With gratitude and respect, I accept kind words and instead I want to wish you good health, fulfillment of dreams, happiness and pure love.
➡️ I am overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude for your beautiful, emotional and funny congratulations. They warm my soul, delight me and inspire me.
➡️ Thank you very much for the wonderful congratulations, good wishes, attention paid and kind words.
➡️ Thanks! May God send you a lot of health, prosperity, joy and happiness in return.
➡️ I want to express my deep gratitude to all my friends, family and friends for the wonderful and very pleasant congratulations!
➡️ Thank you very much for your warm congratulations and best wishes. I am very grateful for your attention and care.
➡️ Thanks a lot! I want to say that I love you and appreciate you very much!
➡️ Thank you very much for the warm greetings and sincere wishes.
➡️ Thanks! I wish you peace and kindness, prosperity and light, joy and love, luck and happiness.
➡️ May your good wishes return a hundred times to their owner.
➡️ Thank you very much for your warm and sincere words, for the congratulations and the bright wishes!
➡️ Thank you for your kind words. It’s nice that you paid attention to me.
➡️ Thank you very much. Instead, I wish you peace and joy, long years of health, happiness and luck!
➡️ Thanks! May you always have luck in life and succeed in achieving all goals!
➡️ Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s incredibly nice to receive such real, emotional and good wishes.
➡️ Thank you very much for the sincere congratulations and kind words. May all desires come true, may everything be the way we want each other!
➡️ Thank you for the congratulations. They brought warmth and joy to my soul.
➡️ Thank you sincerely for the kind words, good wishes and wonderful congratulations. I am very happy with your attention and care.
➡️ In response to your sincere congratulations, I wish you happiness and good health, good luck always and in everything.
➡️ Thanks! I believe that all desires will be fulfilled, because they were said with a pure heart and with love. It’s so wonderful to have you!
➡️ Thank you very much for every word and every emotion presented to me!
➡️ Thanks! I wish you prosperity, wonderful moments in life and kind smiles of your loved ones.
➡️ I am very grateful to you! I hope that life will support you and fulfill everything.

Short SMS happy birthday

The most important thing in these short birthday SMS is that you don’t have to correct them, because they are completely ready to be sent to your loved ones.

↩️ We wish you joy and laughter, health and success! Happy Birthday!
↩️ I want you to receive the beauty of life as a gift today. Happy Birthday!
↩️ Happy birthday! Congratulations and I wish your eyes to always shine with love!
↩️ Congratulations! I wish you at work, among colleagues, everyone to notice you!
↩️ To live for many years, like in a fairy tale, in full health and affection! Happy Birthday!
↩️ Health every day! From year to year to become stronger! Happy Birthday!
↩️ May your life be pure and brighter every day! Happy Birthday!
↩️ For your birthday, I wish you to have love in your personal life, to have a family and money so that you can support it!
↩️ I wish you happiness in your heart and may the sadness in it disappear forever! Happy Birthday!
↩️ In honor of such a holiday, I will raise a glass of champagne! Happy Birthday!
  • May the sun shine brighter on this day! Happy Birthday!
  • We wish you good health, happiness, laughter! And everything that is called “the good of the world”!
  • Happy Birthday! Do not grow old or get sick! Always stay on a positive note!
  • I want you to forget about illness, trouble, and be healthy for many years to come!
  • How old are you. Does not matter. Anyway, I wish you not to grow old, not to get sick, not to get bored and to celebrate birthdays for many years!
  • On this very magical day, I congratulate you! May all your friends be with you always!
  • Always remember – you are loved! Happy Birthday!
  • May people give you full joy, and may peace and spring reign in your heart! Congratulations!
  • forgetfulness and care, luck and laughter, friendship and attention, joy and success. That’s what I wish you today and every day!
  • ↩️ I always wish you good mood! Congratulations on your birthday!
    ️ Forget about pain and sadness and accept our humble gift. We wish you happiness, smiles, joy, fun for your birthday!
    ↩️ Good luck, joy, enthusiasm! And never lose your heart. Happy Birthday!
    ↩️ On this day, I want you to be happy and not know the pain!
    ↩️ May all good dreams come true today! Happy Birthday!
    ↩️ Health, happiness and love! And many, many bright days! Congratulations!
    ↩️ Blooms like a rose in May! Happy Birthday!
    ↩️ We wish you on the path of life to meet only loyal friends! Happy Birthday!
    ↩️ Congratulations! May all your wishes come true without delay!
    ↩️ Bright days, smiles and happiness – that’s what I wish you today and every birthday
  • You are wiser every day, more beautiful, more noble, more intelligent and freer! Keep getting better! Happy Birthday!
  • I greet you and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! Don’t be afraid of anything and sincerely enjoy life!
  • We wish your heart did not hurt and the years did not hurry so fast! Happy Birthday!
  • I will be the best gift for you. I am yours! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Have fun and don’t be sad that another year has passed!
  • We sincerely congratulate you and wish you much happiness, successful days and peaceful dreams!
  • Know that in heaven there is always a place for your desires! Happy Birthday!
  • Don’t get sick and live many, many years! Congratulations!
  • SMS “Happy Birthday”

    We offer you a variety of SMS from your birthday, which will be a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Each of these messages is a small work of art, original and unique.

    🎁 May youth, love and kindness never disappear from your life! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 May fate always lead you along the road under a lucky star! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 May Peace, Happiness and Warmth be an eternal guest in your home. Congratulations!
    🎁 From the bottom of my heart I wish you long life, health and happiness! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I’ll tell you one thing: stay the same, stay who you are now. Not perfection, not without sins, but necessary and loved every hour.
    Long years and good health to you! Power and beauty! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 Happy birthday! Be happy and all your wishes come true!
    🎁 For the best, the most beautiful of all, let your birthday be a fairy tale! And don’t stop your sweet laugh!
    🎁 Energy, power, speed! Take everything from life! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 We wish you everything included in this short but beautiful word HAPPINESS!
    🎁 If so many people tell you at the same time that you are wonderful, good, cheerful, smart – believe them. Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I wish you happiness and love, that all dreams come true and even in severe frosts, that roses are thrown at your feet. Happy Birthday!
    🎁 Not only today, but every day of the week, people become kinder around, and good luck to cross the threshold of your house!
    🎁 You can do anything! Look around – this is your world! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 With all my heart, without verbosity, I wish you happiness and health. Happy Birthday!
    🎁 Just let your friends visit your house and let the bad weather get around you! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 Happiness – without measure! Health – without measure! Many successes, hope and faith! Happy New Year!
    🎁 Let the years fly by without looking back! Just leave the main lesson! Happy birthday and good luck.
    🎁 Let life be full of dreams, successes and wonderful deeds! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I usually wish many people: health, happiness, money, beauty. Because few have received from God what, fortunately, you have received from him! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I wish that the wishes of your enemies, no matter how great, may never be fulfilled, and that of your friends, even the smallest wishes, may come true!
    🎁 Our wishes are short: to be healthy, to live in abundance! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I wholeheartedly wish you joy, health, success at work and family well-being. Happy Birthday!
    🎁 It’s not 50, but 5: 0 in your favor! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I wish you much, much happiness, a piece of blue sky and on it – the desired star: your love, your dream!
    🎁 Let life flow calmly and quietly in your house, just like a river! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 Success at work, in everyday life and in the family! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 May the banknotes be enough for you in the fall, spring, winter and summer! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 I wish you happiness and love, so that all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday!
    🎁 May always – not only on your birthday, dreams come true! Happy Birthday!

    Birthday SMS (funny)

    The birthday is a holiday when the homage is in the center of attention, enjoying gifts, wishes and surprises. Therefore, it is worth congratulating him with the warmest and most original words. You can start with such a happy birthday birthday SMS:

    ✉️ You are my light at the end of the tunnel! You are a locust in the meadow! I can not live without you! Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ We are extremely grateful that you are our lifeguard! You save us from boredom and bad mood! Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ Be healthy, smart and happy! Grab your luck and don’t let it get out of your hands – ask for a car and a house!
    ✉️ A healthy carriage, a lucky boat, a happy plane! Get ready to start unloading these goods from the means of transport!
    ✉️ Let life go on wheels and without too many questions from the traffic police! Happy Birthday!
    May the subtle taste of caramel accompany your life and all sweet dreams come true! Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ Life without torment and laughter for no reason! Have fun today!
    ✉️ For your birthday, I will become a nice athlete. A candidate for a master’s degree in the number of glasses drunk!
    ✉️ Dude, I wish you a happy birthday – a basket and happiness – a barrel!
    ✉️ We wish you pure happiness like crystal, love like in a Romanian rebel, strong health like an old oak and the youth of baby teeth. Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ The beautiful smile of your birthday is 1; your happy eyes are 2; good mood is 3: three secrets of a perfect birthday! Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ I want you to infect me with your optimism, to be happy even on Monday morning and to climb, like a real climber, on the highest mountain with money! Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ You are a capricious girl, a devil in a skirt! But you are my sister and I love and congratulate you anyway! Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ Money is like an interesting movie – you can’t even breathe air, because it’s over! So I wish you endless money, like TV shows!
    ✉️ It’s been a year since your last birthday
    ✉️ I wish you reliable friends and health! And I think that’s enough! You will buy the rest for the money you want!
    ✉️ Today is your birthday, which means you have to break away from power! After all, you will have a whole year to recover a little until the next birthday!
    ✉️ Luck is a mischievous girl who knows how to teach only life lessons. We would like you to have enough patience to tame it! Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ Have happy days and nights! Catch the euphoria of life! To love and be loved and to mercilessly spend the money on your husband’s card!
    ✉️ I wish that in your house there should always be a table full of food, and that the bed should always be full of pleasure. Happy Birthday!
    ✉️ In every joke there is a part of a joke, but there is also a part of truth. Come to me, my dear, to congratulate you and find out what the joke is, and what the truth is!
    ✉️ I only wish you what is particularly important: bigger and more banknotes in your wallet, stronger health, luck more often! And don’t forget about real friends!
    ✉️ Be as beautiful as Madonna and smart as Jackie Chan! Chuck Noris to invite you to the movie, and Schwarzenegger to protect you from the bad guys!
    ✉️ Birthday is a wonderful day, when you have reason not to be awake! Happy Birthday!