The Ultimate Guide to the Best Purple Shampoos for Blonde Hair Maintenance

Having striking, golden blonde hair is like a never-ending responsibility. Without regular maintenance, your hair can quickly go from platinum to straw yellow. To keep your locks looking vibrant and healthy, purple shampoo is a must-have.

Let’s face it, violet shampoo isn’t an end-all-be-all. But an occasional wash with apurple shampoo can fight brassiness and bring life back to your locks. That being said, shopping for purple shampoo can be tricky. It all depends on the condition of your hair and the kind of results you’re after. With so many formulas on the market, what’s the best choice?

To make your shopping experience less daunting, we’ve rounded up the top purple shampoos for blonde hair maintenance. Read on for product reviews and tips on how to use them.

What is Purple Shampoo?

Before we dive into the best products for blonde hair maintenance, let’s touch on what purple shampoo is and why it’s necessary.

Purple shampoo is different from regular shampoo because of the ingredients it contains and its tone-correcting abilities. The pigments in purple shampoo neutralize any brassiness or yellow tones in your hair. This is particularly important to those with blonde, silver, or highlighted locks, which tend to be more prone to yellowing and other discoloration.

While it usually isn’t used as a daily shampoo , purple shampoo can be used to extended the life of your color-treated hair and to banish unwanted yellow tones.

Benefits of Using Purple Shampoo

Aside from neutralizing yellow and brass tones, there are plenty of additional benefits to be gained by using purple shampoo:

• Adds Shine
The purple pigments in these shampoos can also be beneficial for adding a boost of extra shine. When shopping for a purple shampoo, look for one with an illuminating formula to really brighten the hair and make it look healthy and beautiful.

• Enhances Hair Color
Using a purple shampoo can also help enhance the true color of your hair. The cool tones can help add a bit of extra depth to your shade and bring out your hair’s vibrancy.

• Strengthens & Protects
A good purple shampoo should do more than just color-correct. Look for one with nourishing ingredients such as herbs, hyaluronic acid, and proteins to moisturize and protect the hair.

• Smoothes Hair
Formulas with lactic acid can help smooth out frizz and act as a leave-in conditioner.

The 7 Best Purple Shampoos for Blonde Hair Maintenance

Now that you know the purpose of purple shampoo, let’s take a look at the 7 best purple shampoos for keeping blonde hair bright and healthy.

  1. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

This shampoo is specifically designed to neutralize and balance out unwanted brassy tones and unwanted yellow hues. Not only does it tone-correct blonde hair, but it also adds overall shine and helps reduce frizz. It contains the Silk Amino Acids Complex which features essential proteins and oils to nourish hair and reduce breakage.

  1. Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde Miracleshaus

This ultra-nourishing shampoo brings out the best in blonde locks with its powerful toning abilities. It’s formulated with antioxidants that protect the hair from environmental damage and ceramides to hydrate and add shine. Added keravis and evening primrose oil help strengthen the hair follicles for a healthy look and feel.

  1. BondiBoost Miracle Minerals Purple Shampoo

Not only does this shampoo enhance color, but it also protects and fortifies your hair thanks to active minerals and natural extracts. Ultra-hydrating, the built-in conditioners provide moisture while the Violet Complex Technology helps to fight brassy tones and discoloration. Plus, this pant-friendly shampoo works great on curly, wavy, and straight hair.

  1. Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid

This sulfate-free formula helps keep colored hair bright and vibrant with its blue violet tones. This intensive shampoo penetrates the hair follicles to keep hair looking luminous and full. Vitamin C, magnesium and zinc deliver a triple-action boost to neutralize brassiness and restore shine.

  1. Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo

For blonde hair that’s been over-processed and dried out, this shampoo is the perfect savior. The formulas blend of Citric Acid, shades and wheat proteins help fight brassiness for an ultra-smooth look and feel. The result? Hair that’s bright, soft and glossy.

  1. Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet

This cleansing shampoo is your blonde hair’s best friend. Not only does it cool down brassy and yellow tones, but it also hydrates and repairs damaged hair. Hydrolysed Rice Protein builds strength and protects against losing any additional moisture. The shampoo also has anti-yellowing agents that add shine and extend blonde vibrancy.

  1. Color Wow Brass Banned Mella

A winner of InStyle magazine’s Best Beauty Buys, this sulfate and paraben-free shampoo has amazing abilities to tone, condition, and protect in one step. Formulated with Malic and Citric Acids, this shampoo helps reduce a yellow cast while Blue-Dye Neutralizer eliminates any unwanted orange tones.

How to Use Purple Shampoo

Using purple shampoo correctly is key to achieving the best results. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your purple shampoo:

• Use Purple Shampoo Sparingly
Purple shampoo should not be used in place of regular shampoo. For best results, use it just once or twice a week on color-treated, blonde locks.

• Focus On Your Roots
Most of the time, brassiness and yellowing is concentrated at the roots. Try to latch onto this problem area first before working the product down the shaft of the hair.

• Limit the Length of Time
Purple shampoo should be left on for no more than 5 minutes at a time. Too much time can leave a residual violet hue.

• Follow With Conditioner
After rinsing the purple hormone out of your hair, use conditioner to restore balance and moisture.

The Benefits of Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair Maintenance

Using the right purple shampoo for blonde hair can help keep yellow tones and brassiness at bay. This can make the difference between vibrant locks and dull, yellowish tresses. Not to mention, it can do wonders for adding shine and preventing hair breakage. Follow the tips above and use the right shampoo, and you’ll be on your way to having beautiful blonde hair once again.