On New Year’s Eve, we all look forward to the most beautiful New Year’s greetings, miracles and gifts. We have prepared a list, which includes both New Year’s greetings for your boyfriend, to show his warmth and attention, messages with New Year’s greetings for children who need our attention, more than adults, and congratulations for relatives, parents, friends, etc.

Happy New Year

The wishes and texts with New Year’s Greetings selected in this article are truly festive, spectacular, interesting, unusual and original, funny and serious, emotional and sincere. These will be a wonderful gift for the new year.
✅️ Ladies and gentlemen! We invite you to visit the “New Year” hotel. The hotel owners are magicians. Hours and minutes await you in 12 unforgettable rooms. Health will help you along the way, the “Lucky” maid will give you guidance, and the “Happiness” manager will take care of the fabulous gifts for you and your families.
✅️ Be the happiest of all in the New Year. To have great success in everything, to fulfill all, all dreams. Long live the New Year, be in the circle of beauty!
✅️ The blizzard outside, the ice and the snow are rushing to congratulate you on the coming New Year. He carries gifts with him and loves poetry. May the New Year be happy, with hope, faith and love! Congratulations!
✅️ The clock is ticking, champagne is glistening in glasses. Leave in your life, in the happy year to come, as many magical days as in the glass bubbles with bubbles. To bring you a sea of ​​joy, fun, success, songs, laughter, kindness. In short, be happy for the New Year!
✅️ The New Year will be better! There will be no sad days, you will live in the world of harmony and encouragement. May next year, new and clean, not be darkened by troubles and problems, be bright, peaceful and cheerful. May each day be full of goodness, new achievements, successes and nights full of love and peace.
✅️ You are ready for the holiday
You are ready for the gifts
I wish you incredible happiness, unprecedented luck, great joy to visit your home on this magical night! Let them like you so much that they stay forever! Happy New Year!
✅️ Let the New Year give you: carat-filled diamonds, wonderful furs, the most luxurious car in the world and a cottage somewhere in the Caribbean. Let your life become a paradise!
✅️ People don’t sleep tonight. Nature does not sleep either. And you’re probably worried about the presents. I wish you good luck, passionate and strange love that won’t let you sleep all year, a wallet full of money and lots of abundance!
✅️ Let the magical snow of the New Year notice all your problems, the blizzard will freeze your illnesses and failures, the splashes of champagne will dispel your sadness and give you a fire of joy. Let the days shine with successes and victories, like the lights of the New Year.
✅️ Today is the New Year, which means it’s time for joy and fun. Let’s have fun until dawn! Let’s do a fireworks show! Let’s drink a lot of champagne! After all, once we all live!
✅️ New Year to offer you a bag full of unprecedented happiness, special love and wishes that will surely be fulfilled.
✅️ Today you will receive a whole basket of gifts! Fill the glasses – it’s time for the holiday. Fun and goodwill await us! May the coming Year bring you joy, bring good luck to all, open the doors to happiness, bring wealth into the home. Happy Birthday!
✅️ Let the New Year’s adventures be remembered for a lifetime. Make sure you change your life for the better. Let the magic happen unexpectedly, bring happiness and joy to the stars. Let all the problems “fly” out of the house, let the glass of happiness always be full, let love be drawn like a magnet, and let the New Year seal all these things. Happy New Year! Be the brightest and most fun!
✅️ May this New Year bring with it the happiness and take-off of the career and may all desires be fulfilled by a simple movement of the finger. Let him give you a bag of money, the key to happiness and a magic mirror! But don’t forget to share with others!
✅️ Congratulations! May your charming smile melt the ice in my soul. I long for you, my dear. I wish that next year will bring you fabulous benefits in the house, and in the garden of your soul – the flowers of happy love!
✅️ Be in a fun gang today, enjoy the moment! I wish you a happy holiday!
✅️ I wish, in the New Year, to survive all the weather disasters: to float in the rays of glory, to get wet in a rain of money, to circulate through a hurricane of happiness, to survive the tsunami of love and to enter into -an avalanche of passion! But the main thing: always keep your soul in a sunny and warm weather!
✅️ Ura! It’s the New Year! 12 pm! It’s time for fireworks, magic! It is the beginning of a wonderful life, both in the house and in the soul and in the pockets! I want your heart to become winged under the warmth of love, I want this year to be happy, I want you to smile as much as possible!
✅️ I wish you fun and a cool, carefree life! Remember this tradition: as you meet the New Year, so will he. Open champagne, dance with friends and feel happiness with all your heart!
✅️ I wish you, without exaggeration, to remain the most talented, wise, rich, healthy and happy! Let the new year inspire you to keep up with the agility and you manage to open the doors to new achievements, without forgetting to constantly encourage yourself.
✅️ Cheerful smiles, lots of optimism, fabulous gifts, amazing success, nonchalant joy, wonderful days, no worries! That’s what I wish you on New Year’s Eve! And may life make you love again! Happy New Year to you!
✅️ Let the weather be warm outside, to warm your soul and heart, to be respected, to be protected from evil, to smile more often, to love the whole world – beautiful and big. Happy Birthday!

New Year’s messages / greetings / greetings

Take advantage of our examples of personalized New Year’s greetings to thank your loved ones for the past year and to wish them new achievements in the coming year.
🔔 Let the New Year’s Eve pass successfully, full of joy. Let them anticipate the victories, and let the joy be long and bright! I’m sure happiness will thaw in your palms!
🔔 Open the doors wider, celebrate the New Year! He hurries to you with hope, well, joy. Have a fairy tale all year round, and may life be sweet. Have lots of guests and joke with your friends. Have lots of hugs, hot kisses, gifts, surprises and bright moments.
This magical night will fulfill all dreams! May your tears flow with happiness all year long. Let her face shine with inspiration, great love, beautiful and simply with pleasure!
🔔 The glorious New Year’s Eve is approaching. Open the door wider and invite him into the house. This good and kind “guest” will bring you candy, gifts, bright meetings, fun and warm words, confetti, a jar of caviar and champagne! And in general – many delicious things!
A wonderful holiday! A happy New Year and a flourishing life, with constant happiness and a heart that burns with passion. Have a good mood and good luck. May dreams and desires come true and your wallet always be full!
🔔 May New Year’s Eve fulfill all your brightest wishes! Smile, radiate positive and remember that you only have to believe in a miracle for this to become a reality! May health become stronger in the new year, love more sincere, and friendship more trustworthy! Life is beautiful – let this phrase be the motto of your life!
🔔 I wish you a fabulous life and a happy New Year for you! Let the soul sing of happiness, the income to multiply, to eat caviar all year round, to rest in luxury resorts, to relax more often, to wear elegant outfits from “haute couture”.
🔔 Fireworks are played in the sky… Everyone is celebrating the New Year! A miracle is happening in these minutes! Make a wish!
🔔 You can do everything tonight! Dress up in an incredible costume and drink with everyone in a row, turn on the loud music and dance vigorously to exhaustion, Take advantage of this opportunity and have fun from the heart! Have a Happy New Year!
🔔 I wish you all year round not to worry! Have fun and joke, travel, relax, eat something tasty and drink quality wines. Live in paradise all year round.
🔔 I want to increase your income in the new year so that you can buy a villa in Monaco, have a yacht, instead of pills to swallow delicious sweets, drive a decent car, travel through the strangest places and simply live bright and happy!
🔔 Allow yourself a dream. This year, New Year’s Eve is especially rich and generous in gifts, so let the joy fill your soul and make you dizzy from the burning love and the successes of a constant and simple human happiness. Happy New Year, with wonders that will never end!
🔔 In these glorious moments, laugh and sing! Have only joy, the radiance of love and the realization of all your dreams! Happy New Year!
🔔 Happy birthday! Let the heart sing of happiness, the eyes shine with joy, and the feelings burn with passion. Successes to fill your souls, all problems to freeze and to have many reasons for fun.
🔔 May the New Year come into your life with luck, cover you with a blizzard of joy and shower you happily. Make a wish and smile all year round. Rest assured that all your dreams will come true and that your sadness and bad weather will be gone.
🔔 Raise your glasses, say kind words to your loved ones, hug them and appreciate their attention. Life will be beautiful and the year will be unique. Happy Birthday!
🔔 May the year be rich in rest and holidays, money, travel, dancing, wishes come true! Happy New Year!
🔔 I wish you a bright life, made up of love and passion! On the eve of the unusual New Year, let the rhythm of life, so familiar, become brighter, clearer and faster! In the new year, may success be with you, may peace go hand in hand with you, may you meet health, strength and joy.
🔔 Today, invite luck to the table to sit next to joy. Serve it with the sweet fruit of love and passion. Meet them with fun, accomplishments and income. To be in such a beautiful company all year round!
🔔 A magical New Year! Today is a wonderful holiday and I hope that adventures, beautiful meetings and moments full of love await you in a sweet delirium!
🔔 Congratulations to all of you today, I wish you happiness and drink for your health! I am overwhelmed by the positive attitude and I wish you to have a similar mood! The New Year is a happy event, so have fun so that in the morning you have the pleasure of remembering the pleasant details. Fulfilling dreams and opportunities, optimism and vigor!
Happy New Year! May he draw love into your fate, embrace you happily, and be able to melt from the warmth of words! Next year will definitely be happy!

Virtual New Year greetings

Send these greetings via text message or post a positive New Year’s message on social media to create a happy holiday atmosphere for your loved ones.
🎁 Let the New Year come into your life with a fragrant and flowery carpet of spring colors, to give you an unforgettable taste and aroma of ripe summer fruits, to wrap you in a blanket of yellow autumn leaves that keep you warm summer sun and warm you with a glass of wine by the fireplace in winter.
🎁 May the New Year awaken your hopes, dreams and desires, instill faith in all enterprises, revitalize feelings and aspirations, arouse love and make life full of harmony and celebration.
🎁 Excellent health for you in the New Year! The legs should be stronger to cover new miles, the hands should be stronger to hold new prizes, and the head should be stronger to be covered with a laurel wreath. And let the heart stay just as hot!
🎁 For the New Year, let all that was beautiful remain in your memory, multiply and add other stories in the new year, renew yourself with reserves of positive emotions, rainbow and colorful, vivid impressions.
🎁 Let the New Year give you a feeling of warmth, care and kindness in your heart, fill it with a feeling of love, happiness and joy in your soul. Experience the satisfaction and pleasure of life.

🎁 New Year greeting cards, greeting cards for your wonderful and favorite holiday. Fulfillment of wishes! Let the happy splashes of champagne and sincere congratulations be the beginning of a new stage of happy life, the beginning of a bright white line that will last a lifetime.
🎁 Let the New Year come to life in your snow-white hat, on a flowery carpet of spring colors, with rich gifts: pigeons with blue wings of love, fireworks of hope butterflies and a shining silver fountain of inexhaustible happiness .
🎁 On New Year’s Eve, I am used to leaving your traditional wishes. I want you to achieve your success, to keep what you have achieved and to turn your new dreams into reality. Happy New Year to you, successful person!
🎁 May the New Year bring you interesting acquaintances, vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions, emotional and warm memories. And meet only sincere people and true friends along the way.
🎁 The New Year is fast approaching our doorsteps… I want to come with suitcases of wealth, storm of emotions, inspiration and lots of other wonderful things!
🎁 I wish you a happy holiday, with welcome guests, the most awaited gifts, a really beautiful mood! And be merry, pleasant, glorious all year long!
🎁 Let the noise of the fireworks, the sparkle of the eyes, the clever mystery of the half masks create the festive atmosphere! Let dreams inspire you to creativity, and let bright happiness and bright joy be your best friends.
🎁 The story has begun! You can’t hide from it – breathe the magic air, smell the conifers. I sincerely congratulate you and I believe that all the best will be achieved, let the new year wish you success and reward you with happiness!
🎁 On the eve of the New Year, remember the wise words: desires are born only when a person is able to fulfill them! Dream, wish and enjoy! Let the magic of the New Year help you to fulfill all the most precious plans!
🎁 Happy New Year! Let the winter bring you freshness and vitality, let the spring envelop you with the aroma of flowers, let the summer give you a perfect tan, fruits and vegetables full of vitamins, let the autumn warm your heart with leaves and calm rain. Let every season of the new year thank you with a wonderful mood and pleasant surprises!
🎁 The New Year’s train arrives on the platform of your life. Get on the train of happiness, take the place of love. Leave all the problems and troubles at the train station and embark on an interesting journey through the cities of success and achievement. Take with you and your comrades a good mood and a sense of humor. Have a happy trip and a fun New Year’s Eve!
Beautiful congratulations on prose for the New Year will help you in your own words to wish your loved ones all the most wonderful on the magical New Year’s Eve.