In the magical Christmas atmosphere we want to spend the day in the family, with a cup of hot tea in hand, with a blanket covering us and watching the best Christmas movies.

So, I have analyzed and selected for you 47 Christmas movies with Romanian subtitles, suitable for both adults and children, romantic Christmas movies for couples in love, but also dramatic and terrible movies for a dose of emotions.


We open the top of the Christmas movies with a fantasy from 2015. The story is about a demon who, for Christmas, is looking for naughty children to punish them.

Santa & Cie

Film produced by France and Belgium in 2017. Before Christmas, the 92,000 elves responsible for children’s gifts fall ill with an unknown disease. Santa has no choice but to use his flying deer and rush to Earth to find medicine, heal the elves and save the wonderful holiday. The problem is, no one recognizes him.

Daddy’s home 2

Christmas comedy film of 2017, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson. Two dads, Dusty and Brad, get together to make the perfect Christmas party for their kids. But old Dusty and the emotional Brad turn Christmas into a nightmare.

Office Christmas party

Another American comedy, produced in 2016, starring Jennifer Aniston. When the hero’s sister, the company’s vice president, threatens his brother that he will run out of money, the latter gives a grand Christmas party to get a big client and save the company. The holiday, however, gets out of hand.

A bad moms Christmas

2017 comedy film starring Mila Kunis. Even if they have a big house, loving men, talented children and a successful career, parents are in a hurry to continue giving advice to their children, especially as Christmas approaches.

Non c’e piu religione

An Italian comedy from 2016. Preparing for Christmas, the inhabitants of an Italian island face a serious problem. No child has been born here for many years, so there is no one to play the role of the baby Christ. There is only one option – to “borrow” the child from the Tunisian diaspora, but they are Muslims. Nun Marta and the head of the Tunisian diaspora Bilal decide to undertake diplomatic negotiations.

Christmas trade Christmas

film, made in 2015. Robbie Taylor, 11 years old, lives with his father in Los Angeles. The son and the father have different ideas about what a prosperous family is, and on Christmas Eve, the heroes of the film change places in the full sense of the word. Now, each of them can look the other way.

Barcelona, ​​nit d’hivern

Spanish film from 2015. Married couples and lonely hearts, young romantics and the elderly – in the midst of the Christmas holidays all experience the joy and bitterness of love, lose and gain their happiness. Their stories add to the image of the fascinating life of a beautiful city, which is waiting for a miracle on Christmas night.

Le pere Noel

French film from 2014. On Christmas night, 6-year-old Antoine made a wish – to ride in Santa’s sleigh among the stars scattered in the sky. Suddenly, by magic, Santa Claus appears on the balcony. Antoine is too surprised to recognize in him a bearded robber, dressed in Santa’s costume.

Just in time for Christmas

Beautiful Christmas movie from 2015. A young psychology teacher has to make a choice – to travel around the country for the sake of her dream or to stay in her hometown and marry the man she loves. One December night, Cabby miraculously arrives in three years to see what her life will be like.

A Christmas melody

Film Hallmark from 2015, with Mariah Carey as the protagonist. A music teacher helps a girl who recently moved to the city to write the song for the Christmas concert.

Love the Coopers

A 2015 film that brought together well-known names in cinema: Diane Keaton, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, John Goodman, etc. The story goes about Charlotte Cooper, who decided to gather all 4 generations at the festive Christmas table. There is a real scandal during the dinner. And the dog Rex has his own opinion about what is happening.

The night before

The Christmas comedy movies include this 2015 film. It is the story of the fun adventures of three old friends who went in search of the best Christmas party in New York.

Last Christmas

Love Christmas movies are the most sought after in the magical night. Here is a new one, from 2019, with Emilia Clarke in the role of the main heroine. Kate works as a dressed-up elf in a Christmas shop and makes the wrong decisions all the time. But her life changes when she meets an attractive man named Tom, who seems too perfect to believe him.

Black Christmas

Here is a thriller with investigative elements from 2019. A stranger is watching a group of students during the Christmas holidays.

A snow white Christmas

A beautiful story from 2018. Blanca Snow meets at the Christmas party with her stepmother Victoria and tries to fulfill the wishes of her deceased father, creating new family memories.

Love story

Romanian film from 2015, which tells about the love between two young artists – Sebastian and Aprilia.

The Christmas chronicles The

list of the most beautiful Christmas movies could not be without this screening of 2018, with Kurt Russell in the lead role. On Christmas Eve, brother and sister Kate and Teddy Pierce are about to film Santa’s appearance. The daring plan results in an extraordinary adventure that the children could not even dream of.

The Nutcracker and the four realms

Another story from 2018. After receiving an unusual Christmas present, young Clara embarks on an interesting journey through mysterious places: the Land of Snow, the Land of Flowers and the Land of Sweets. The girl must, however, enter the fourth kingdom, where she will have to face an entire army of mice led by the dangerous King of Mice.

Christmas connection

A 2017 Hallmark TV movie. Flight attendant Sidney wanted to spend her vacation on the tropical coast, but her plans changed: she had to accompany an eight-year-old girl named Leah to Chicago. The heroine took her directly to her father, the charming Jonathan, who works as a reporter. Jonathan and Leah invite Sidney to spend a few days with them until the flights resume.

Reunited at Christmas

Film in 2018. Writer Samantha goes with her boyfriend to her grandmother’s house. The family reunion and the wise words of the grandmother reveal the true meaning of Christmas, thus giving Samantha support and inspiration.

Bad Santa 2

Another Christmas comedy, released in 2016. The film is a continuation of the adventures of Willy, who, on Christmas Eve, dresses up as Santa Claus. In the film, Billy Bob Thornton plays Katie Bates’ son. In life, however, Thornton is only 7 years younger than the actress.

One Christmas Eve

Film made in 2014. On Christmas Eve, the employees of a mall find a beautiful gift box near the entrance, which contains a puppy and a letter with the request to give it into good hands. Colleagues can’t understand who will take care of the puppy and decide to throw a coin.

A 2014 Merry Friggin ‘Christmas

Movie starring Robin Williams. Boyd Mitcher and his wife Luanne decide to spend Christmas with their father. Realizing that he has forgotten his gifts at home, Boyd, in the company of his brother and father, gets in the car and tries to achieve the impossible: to go home and return before dawn.

Hometown Christmas

Film produced in 2018. Noel returns home for the Christmas holidays and meets Nick, her first love from school and a rather selfish guy in the past, but who has changed, becoming a good and responsible person. Together, they start working on organizing the holiday and fall in love again.

Natale a 5 stelle

Among the Netflix Christmas movies is this Italian film from 2018. Christmas is approaching. The Italian delegation is on an official visit to Hungary. In addition to his political obligations, the prime minister intends to spend a few hours in secret in the company of a young parliamentarian who travels with the delegation. But the two left-handed lovers will end up with the mysterious corpse in the luxury hotel suite where they are staying.

Christmas, again Christmas

movie from 2014. The action takes place a few days before Christmas. Noel is a Christmas tree seller. Some time ago, his girlfriend left him, so he gradually moves away from the whole world, until he accidentally finds a girl who has lost consciousness in the park. The filmmaker also sold Christmas trees for five years to earn money for the filming.

Elcamino Christmas

Film from 2017 starring Jessica Alba. At the heart of the matter is a guy who ended up in an absurd situation on Christmas Eve. The main character is locked in a liquor store, along with five other people.

Jingle all the way 2

Christian Christmas movies are best for children, especially comedy ones, as is this 2014 movie. Larry, Noel’s father, an eight-year-old boy, and his new stepfather are competing for the title of the best father and tries to make Christmas an unforgettable one for the girl.

Meri keuriseumaseu miseuteo Mo

Film Korean since 2016. A young man dreamed of becoming an actor until he found out he was ill. With the help of his girlfriend, he decides to film and show everyone close to him on Christmas Eve a movie in his own script, with him in the lead role. For this, the young man borrows the image of his beloved actor, Charlie Chaplin.

An Amazing

Christmas Another Italian Christmas movie from 2014. On Christmas Eve, Uncle Greg and Uncle Lillo are forced to take care of their 8-year-old grandson because his parents were accidentally arrested for growing marijuana.

Beverly Hills Christmas

TV movie, produced in 2015. Angelina is a spoiled teenager from Beverly Hills. She is sure that the world revolves around her and everyone owes her. But an incredible event that happens to her family on Christmas Eve makes her reconsider her life priorities and transform from a spoiled rich woman into a sensitive girl.

Once upon a time at Christmas

Here is a Christmas horror movie, which was made in 2017. Twelve days before Christmas, the people of Woodridge become the victims of Santa Claus and Mrs. Klaus. All the dead are connected by a young woman who could be the last victim on Santa’s list.

The Christmas calendar

Canadian film of the year 2017. Emily opens her own confectionery. At first, she was not very lucky with the customers, because in the supermarket opposite, a Frenchman opened a bakery. But one day, Emily receives a Christmas calendar, after which the confectionery becomes the center of concentration of the entire city. The main plot of December, however, remains who is Emily’s secret admirer

Our dream Christmas

Movie produced in 2017. On Christmas Eve, Gabby, her husband and their two children come to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with their parents. In two days, Gabby finds out the whole truth about her husband, learns to defend her point of view in front of an aggressive mother, moves away from her teenage daughter and risks losing her job.

Saving Christmas

Another movie from 2017. Little boy Danny is trying to prove that Santa Claus exists through various scientific theories and electronic devices. He is helped by friends and relatives, wanting to create a festive mood for the whole world.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Among the popular Christmas movies dubbed in Romanian is “The Man Who Invented Christmas” from 2017. Charles Dickens returns to London from a trip to America and faces a difficult time in his life. In addition to financial problems, he is facing a creative crisis, and there are only six weeks left until Christmas…

Red Christmas

An adult Christmas movie, categorized as horror and produced in Australia in 2016. The family is about to celebrate Christmas, but an unexpected guest breaks all plans and arranges his own fun.

Almost Christmas Christmas

comedy from 2016 about an unfriendly African-American family, gathered together for the winter holidays. They are going to support each other for five days under the same roof.

Christmas with the Andersons

Film from 2016. The Anderson family lives in a huge villa and hosts an annual Christmas ball for the poor. However, Andersons forgot that happiness is not about money. Fate gives them a chance to check this when they start having problems: the head of the family is fired and things start to go wrong.

As now capped Christmas

Another Christmas movie, produced in 2016. The famous skater Claire Benton is sent to a sports rehabilitation center to recover from an injury. There, Claire meets Luke – a former famous hockey player, and now – the coach of the children’s team, including her daughter. Only now does the heroine begin to realize that she is missing something in life and that sport is not enough for happiness.

The Grinch

An animated film, produced in 2018. Grinch lives in a dark cave right on top of the mountain, away from everyone. It bothers him when, once a year, this world makes noise, decorates everything and has fun. So the Grinch decides to ruin their holiday atmosphere and steal Christmas.

Coming home for Christmas

Another Hallmark TV movie from 2017. On Christmas Eve, Lizzy Richfield is at a crossroads. She broke up with her boyfriend, lost her job and doesn’t know what she wants to do next. But fate favors her: Lizzy begins to run the home of a wealthy family. Lizzy will have a Christmas miracle

Christmas Next Door

A romantic Christmas movie from 2017. Eric Randall, the famous author of books about the delights of bachelor life, is forced to take care of Christmas by his grandchildren. He learns again to enjoy the holiday, finds inspiration and opens his heart to love.

A Bramble house Christmas

Another Christmas love movie from 2017. At Christmas, Willa and her son went on a magical Bramble. Here she is sure that her dream will come true, but Fin wants to prove to everyone that Willa is a scammer.

Familien Jul

A Danish film from 2014. Hugo, a six-year-old boy, found an elf in the house for Christmas. Hugo does his best to keep his new friend with him for as long as possible. However, Christmas is over, and all the other elves have already moved to the North Pole. Now Pixie will have to wait until next Christmas to return home.

A very nutty Christmas

Movie from 2018. At Christmas, Kate has to bake 12,000 cakes. She doesn’t believe in the magic of Christmas, but after meeting the Nutcracker, transformed into a real man, Kate begins to change her visions.