Happy birthday, Dad ”is a short but honest message that any dad would be happy to receive, but if you want to wish him a more special message you will surely find a suitable greeting card among the ones below. Wish him a Happy Birthday, a father he will never forget.

To have someone dear in the world, a man who has always been by your side and helped you as best he could, means a lot. An attentive and loving father is only one, do not hesitate to tell him how you feel or wish him happy birthday. When I think of my father, I think of my childhood, how he held me in his arms in the park, how he played with me, the lessons we learned from him and the beautiful moments we spent together. “

Happy birthday dads!

Wishing your father a happy new year with these happy birthday messages.

11. Happy Birthday, my hero! Thank you for every hug that made me stronger and for every smile that turned me into the beautiful woman of today.

12. Happy birthday dad, health, love, esteem and respect from loved ones. Achieving endless goals, beautiful accomplishments.

13. I wish you an ultra-mega-super-triper-uber mirobolanta day, so have you! Happy birthday, Daddy!

14. I thought, I calculated… and the results scare me! Say here that you will have an extra-mega-super fantastic year. Happy birthday, Daddy!

15. For your birthday, I wish that whatever you ask for – to receive, whatever you seek – to find, and whatever wish you have to be fulfilled. Happy birthday, Daddy!

Happy birthday dad

The most beautiful wishes come from the heart. Get inspired by these happy birthday wishes for your father and send him a message full of affection.

16. A smile has the power to change everything and illuminate one’s life. I hope you have as many smiles in life as possible. Happy birthday, Dad!

17. Father, on the occasion of your birthday I wish you long life, happiness, health and love!

18. My dear father, it gives me great pleasure to send you, on the occasion of your birthday, the warmest wishes for health, peace of mind and joy. Happy Birthday Dad!

19. Dad, rejoice every moment, smile, be happy and remember one thing: today is the most special day of the year so live it to the fullest! Happy Birthday dear father!

20. Dear father, I wish that the number of candles decreases every year and the number of parties, cakes and wishes for many years increases!

21. Happy birthday dad! I wish you much peace of mind and as few moments of turmoil as possible. May this year bring you everything you want and especially health because it is more precious than anything.

22. For the best father, the most sincere good wishes, good health and good luck! Happy birthday, Dad!

23. Be happy and appreciated, my dear father! Let me kiss your hand that raised me and my forehead wrinkled over the years. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my father

Happy birthday to your father. Remind her how much you love her with these simple but loving messages.

1. For the world you are a father, but for our family you are the world.

2. We wish you with all our heart and love that this day will be the most beautiful in your life and that you will enjoy it with your loved ones! Happy birthday, Dad!

3. Dear father, on the occasion of your birthday I wish you a long and beautiful life, happiness, health and love! Happy Birthday!

4. I pray that God will bless you, my dear father, today and in each of the days to come. Happy Birthday!

5. Today’s dreams come true, tomorrow’s hopes come true, any fall one step ahead, good thoughts and happiness to be with you always. Happy birthday, Dad!

6. Always with a smile on your face and optimistic, so stay, Dad! May you have all that is best and most beautiful in this life and may God give you much health and thousands of joys! Happy Birthday!

7. Be happy! Today is the day you were brought into this world to be an inspiration to the people around you! You’re a wonderful person! Have as many birthdays as possible and have everything you want come true! Happy birthday, Dad!

8. It is always a pleasure to wish a loved one a happy birthday! Happy birthday, Dad!

9. On the occasion of your birthday, I wish you health, happiness, much love and all that you wish, and may the good God protect and guard you, father!

10. When the holidays come, let the basket be full. Have a full house, full of health. His bag of money, Good luck and Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy birthday messages to my father

Unique wishes to say happy birthday to your father who took care of you and raised you.

24. Happy birthday, Dad! From your greatest achievement.

25. To grow old beautifully! Gracefully whiten! Because we love the light in your eyes, not the color of your hair! Happy birthday dad!

26. Every day be yours, Only a smile and joy, Good luck to your life, Clear as morning, Have what your heart asks of you: Faith, love, strength! Happy birthday, my dad!

27. Dear father, I give you a bouquet of color and joy that will bring you luck in life and friends at home on this day! Happy Birthday!

28. Happy birthday! May God give you everything: health, happiness, peace, much love. May it also give you comfort, joy and accomplishment. Happy birthday. What do you want, so be it! Happy birthday, Dad!

Happy birthday my father-in-law

Wishes for my father-in-law to put a smile on his face when he reads them.

51. May all your dreams come true and your desires turn into achievements! Happy birthday mother-in-law!

52. Dear father-in-law, on this wonderful day in your life I wish you to always enjoy what God has given you, but with strength in your soul and mind to strive to get everything you want! Happy birthday mother-in-law!

53. Happy birthday, dear father-in-law, to have all that is most beautiful in this world, to be healthy, fulfilled and happy with your family. Happy birthday mother-in-law!

54. Happy Birthday Mother-in-law! More smiles on the face, more money in the wallet, more love in the heart!

55. Father-in-law I wish you an ocean of health, a mountain of luck, a truck with money, and a sincere: Happy birthday dear mother-in-law!

Happy birthday messages dad

Find the perfect wish for your father to enjoy his birthday.

29. Happy birthday! May it rain lightly on you with drops of happiness, may your dream be a flight of fulfillment, may the hardships of life be your chariot of health, may your soul be bathed in splashes of joy, may you always have a smiling sun in your path, to have with you dear faces and a guardian angel!

30. Dear father, your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your soul understood me when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes became harsh when I had to learn my life lesson. Your power and love guided me and gave me wings to help me fly. Today I tell you Happy Birthday!

31. Have a serene day, be happy and very appreciated, my dear dad! Let me kiss your hand that has grown beautifully over the years. I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

32. Today, on your birthday, I thank you for everything and say: I kiss your hand. I love you dad, not because you raised me, not because of what you gave me, I love you because I love you. Happy birthday! May God give you much health and only joy. I hug you with all my love, when I am near you, and when I am not, I hug you with my soul!

33. Even though I am far away, I cannot forget this wonderful day in our lives, my dear father. I wish you from the bottom of my heart health, love, wisdom, beautiful people and a lot of joy! Have fun and don’t forget me: I love you so much!

34. I have no words to express how happy I am that you are celebrating another year of your life! I wish that on your birthday, and over time, you are always happy and healthy. Never change. Happy birthday, Dad!

Happy birthday dad

Messages from many years for the loved ones in your life.

35. Happy birthday to the best, amazing, perfect, cute, understanding and handsome father!

36. To the best father in the world, best wishes, good health and good luck! Happy birthday, Dad!

37. Beautiful party and Happy Birthday! I hope to be the first to wish you all the best today, your birthday, dear father. I love you so much and I cherish you!

38. May today’s dreams come true, tomorrow’s hopes come true, any fall one step ahead, good thoughts and happiness always accompany you. Happy birthday, Dad!

39. Dear father, I wish you much happiness, good luck in everything you do and much, much health that is better than all! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday my husband and dad

Happy birthday to the children’s husband and father. Make him feel appreciated and especially for his birthday!

40. How lucky I am to have you by my side. That you accept me and love me as I am. Thank you for being attentive, understanding and caring for me. I love you, my dear husband!

41. My dear, maybe I’m a little selfish, but I wish you, in addition to the traditional “Happy Birthday”, to lead a happy and peaceful life with me.

42. My dear, I hope that on this day you will receive only gifts that will bring you joy, to feel loved and to understand what an important role you play in my life! I love you!

43. You have always been my prince on a white horse! The children have always been proud of you! Everyone always envied us! Congratulations on your birthday!

44. Today, on my husband’s birthday, I want to say a lot: I like that we feel comfortable at home, I like that he spends a lot of time with children. Thank you for being the way it is. Fate has not united us in vain. Be healthy and happy, my dear husband.

45. My dear, everyone admires our family. To have in life only victories, to open your soul wide to good and honest people, to those who love you. Today I sent a million kisses in the air and I hope it reaches you as soon as possible.

46. ​​Happy birthday, my husband! Enjoy health, happiness, prosperity and always have your loved ones close!

47. My husband, on the occasion of your birthday, I wish you a long life, happiness, health and love. Happy Birthday!

48. Today on my birthday, I also come with a wish: good luck and health and achievements in all! Let dreams come true, love flourish, happiness only be an enormous joy! Good health and happiness! Happy birthday dear father-in-law!

49. You are everything to us, we love you so much! Happy birthday to you, my husband!

50. For your birthday I wanted to give you the cutest gift in the world, but I realized that it is impossible because you are the cutest gift in the world! Happy birthday dads and husbands!