Making children truly happy and carefree is the task of parents. In this sense, many parents believe that they know their child better than anyone else, so the answer to the question “what to give their son on his birthday” is not a problem for them.

However, as the holiday approaches, good ideas seem to refuse to come to mind.
In this case, it is important to have the following recommendations, complete with gift lists, which should be chosen according to age and which are intended to facilitate the choice of parents.

Gifts for son 6 months – 2 years

Very young children, up to 2 years old, will be satisfied with the following gifts:

  1. Play mat with hanging toys.
  2. Interactive table.
  3. Tolocar – is a car that moves when the child pushes it with his feet on the floor or one of the adults moves it with a special handle.
  4. Soft cubes or large pyramids.
  5. Cat or dog interactive.
  6. Sound books.

Original gifts for 3-6 year old son

Children up to the age of 6 appreciate gifts only if they meet their expectations and interests.
It is an unusually active and curious age, so consider such ideas as:

  1. Plastic figurines in the form of animals, fruits, vegetables – these will become an excellent basis for role-playing games and will help to learn the names of certain categories of objects.
  2. Kinetic sand.
  3. Scooter – toy with sounds and light, with a long handle with which the child moves on the street.
  4. Football.
  5. Electric motorcycle.
  6. Bicycle.
  7. Toolkit.
  8. Skates, rollers or skateboards.
  9. Planetarium – is a lamp that projects the entire galaxy on the walls and ceiling of the room.
  10. Water drawing tablet.
  11. In covoras.
  12. Toothpaste dispenser in the form of a favorite cartoon character, for example, minion.
  13. Microphone, if he loves music.

Beautiful gifts for 7-12 year old son

At this age, you need to keep in mind that games become more complex, and that toys aim to increase attention and concentration.
In this regard, we recommend that you pay attention to the following options:

  1. Board games (monopoly, card games, games for developing logic, knowing letters, numbers, countries, etc.).
  2. Railway by train.
  3. Car or airplane radio.
  4. Flexible racetrack, with cars in set.
  5. Gift in the form of a trip to the water park, the cinema, the children’s entertainment center, etc. in the company of friends.
  6. T-shirt “The best son in the world”.
  7. Set for conducting scientific experiments.
  8. Telescope.
  9. Set of dinosaur skeletons.
  10. Toy guns with soft bullets, water pistols or arrow bows. Thus, the child will be able to improve coordination of movements and accuracy. When choosing a model, it is necessary to pay attention, first of all, to the safety of the toy.
  11. Flying kite.

Unique gifts for 13-17 year old son

Choosing a gift for a teenage son is much more difficult than, say, a 10-year-old boy.
During this period, the child’s tastes change rapidly and are influenced by fashion and the environment.
However, considering these factors, you can find many successful solutions, such as:

  1. Smart watch, very popular among young people, which works as a phone, browser, etc.
  2. 3D pen that allows you to draw three-dimensional shapes right in the air.
  3. 3D puzzle, for assembling a car or airplane model.
  4. Umbrella in the form of a sword or rifle.
  5. Thermos mug for hot and cold drinks in an original design.
  6. Drona.
  7. Universal external battery, which allows you to charge electronic devices without access to the network.
  8. Unusual alarm clock.
  9. Set also sah.
  10. Popcorn Maker – a device that is sure to come in handy while watching a new movie with friends or parents.
  11. Mini billiards, football or table hockey. These require high mobility and attention from the players.

Gifts for son over 18 years old

The number of years in the bulletin is not important for parents who want to congratulate their child.
You can save the following options :

  1. Bathrobe with custom embroidery.
  2. Barbeque.
  3. Laptop cooling stand.
  4. Certificate for tailoring clothes or shoes to a professional craftsman.
  5. Congratulations film, with the best photos of the homage and warm words from friends and relatives.

Also, when choosing a gift for your adult son, keep in mind his hobbies. So, the following ideas are considered:

  1. If you drive: DVR, GPS-navigator, a set of new tires, seat covers, luggage compartment organizer.
  2. If he leads an active way of life: warm suit for winter fishing, rubber boat, tent, sleeping bag.
  3. If you do sports: punching bag, fitness bracelet, treadmill, gym membership, branded sneakers, sports equipment.
  4. If you are an artist: set of brushes or high quality paints, easel, tickets to the exhibition of a famous painter.
  5. If you are a movie lover: a collection of CDs with your favorite movies of the homage, tickets to the premiere of a new movie, a T-shirt or any other piece of clothing with the image of a favorite movie.
  6. If he spends a lot of time on the computer: mouse and mat for him, wireless keyboard, headphones, webcam, glasses.

Birthday gifts for son, useful in arranging the room

For a boy it is extremely important to have his own room or at least a small space in which he can feel the owner and be able to arrange it according to his own taste.
So, give her a birthday present as an interesting decoration element in a modern style, for example:

  1. “Lamp” 3D lamp. The peculiarity of such a night light is the creation of the three-dimensional illusion. The advantage of the device is the significant energy savings. The young footballer will surely be delighted by the original appearance of the lamp.
  2. Children’s tent. Every child, whether 4 or 10 years old, needs a place to hide from everyone and be alone with himself. Usually, such houses are perfect for children who do not have their own room. The boys are excited about such a shelter, because inside there is a special atmosphere.
  3. Swing. Children, especially those up to 8 years old, have an indescribable pleasure at the sight of the swings on the playground. Then why not enjoy the boy and not offer it as a gift.
    Manufacturers offer both suspended models and floor models, which allow parents to choose the option taking into account all the features of their home. Also, when buying a swing, you need to pay close attention to the safety of the unit.
  4. Perna unusual. You can complete the interior with decorative pillows, filled with massage balls. The appearance of the pillows can vary depending on the boy’s preferences and tastes, as well as the color of the room. You can choose pillows in the form of fish from the cartoon “Nemo” or in the form of birds from “Angry Birds”.

Emotional gifts for the son

Emotions are the most valuable gift, especially when it comes to a child. You can give your son an unforgettable birthday experience with the following gifts:

  1. Flight simulation on an airplane. This gift will be very useful for a boy who has a real love for heaven and everything related to it. The flight simulator simulates realistically, with the sound of the engine, the noise of the chassis and the sound of the brake, and the pilot has almost the same emotions as during a real flight. Some companies offer their customers a DVD about the entire flight process.
  2. It will be an ideal gift for the boy who loves animals. Horseback riding will become especially memorable and fascinating.
  3. Dolphinarium.

Recommendations for choosing a gift for your son

  • A gift for your child’s birthday should be interesting and ready to use here and now. Otherwise, the child’s interest will disappear;
  • When choosing a gift, focus on your child’s tastes, preferences, age, and hobbies;
  • Communicate more often and spend time with your child, pay attention to his reaction to certain items on store shelves or in advertising, consider opinions about the things you discuss – so you will be aware of his preferences and choosing the right gift will not cause difficulties;
  • Ask your son about his wishes – the child will not understand why you are interested and will be happy to tell you about his dreams;
  • In the case of a teenager, you can give him money – at this age, young people will gladly spend it;
  • Create a festive atmosphere in the house. Even a one-year-old will enjoy balloons and fun music. You can also decorate the house with garlands, flags, greeting cards and dress in beautiful clothes – then the festive mood of the homage will be guaranteed;
  • Think of the warm words you will say when offering the gift. With their help, you will be able to express all your love for your son;
  • DO NOT GIVE: practical but useless things. For example, a winter jacket is unlikely to be an occasion for sincere joy. Most likely, the gift will seem boring to the child and unrelated to the holiday. Also, avoid too funny gifts, especially for teenagers. Because of their vulnerability, children at this age may misunderstand even the most innocent joke;
  • Take into account the tastes of the child, not yours. Parents’ opinions may already lose relevance in the modern world and become ridiculous from the point of view of the current generation.

In conclusion, a gift should not pursue practical goals, but should, above all, be the realization of the child’s dream on his birthday and give him a sense of happiness.

However, when choosing what to give your son on his birthday, remember that in fact, the main task is to show your love and care for him.
Regardless of age, any child is delighted to see their parents’ desire to congratulate them – this is the best gift.