Certainly, each of us has many close people who would not hesitate to congratulate them on any holiday. Today there are a lot of different options with which you can send special day wishes: text messages, social networks, letters, e-mail, etc.
They gather memories, create impressions, make the day more special. It is important to be full of sincerity, to be written from the heart, to find the right words and to be beautifully combined in a single composition.
In this sense, personalization of greeting cards is the best choice.
Thus, in this impressive collection you will find both happy birthday wishes for relatives and family, as well as happy birthday wishes for friends or colleagues.
Moreover, the list includes not only birthday cards, but also contextual greetings of thanksgiving or name day greetings, such as Happy Birthday to Saint John and John. It is important to match the examples below to the special occasion.

Happy birthday

Our prose wishes will help you to congratulate any loved one in an original way. In addition, you can use these phrases in your birthday greetings and include them in your text for your mom or dad, children, boyfriend, sister or brother, wife or husband.
🔔 Good luck to be accompanied by faith, warm love of the heart to easily solve all problems, the sun to give you joy and light, all questions to be answered and to be healthy for another 100 years!
🔔 An excellent, positive mood, not only today, but every day! Let your life be like a miraculous puzzle, in which each element has its place. I wish you health, and in love and friendship I wish you prosperity! Have all the conditions for a sweet life, let the years go by happily and without problems!
🔔 Today begins a new stage of your life, the great change is approaching, but you are not saddened by the passing of the years, but take everything from life with your charming smile! Good luck never disappear and live happily ever after!
🔔 May each fruit of the year bring you its share of happiness. I want you to enjoy gifts and gladly accept the new gifts of destiny. Today you can announce all the dreams on your list, and I will pray for them to come true, because of course you deserve them!
🔔 Yesterday and tomorrow may be ordinary days and may go unnoticed. But today is a unique day, it’s your birthday and it’s priceless! Happy Birthday! Shine like a star!
🔔 I wish you good luck and be happy until the ninth heaven! Always find your star that lights up in the sky every night. Because this star will show you the right paths of life and will light the way for your destiny. And may this star burn forever!
🔔 Look at the calendar! This is your birthday! So get the congratulations from us. See the rays of the sun
Hear the songs of the birds
Feel the wind
It’s all for you! Admire and appreciate! Forget about problems and doubts and follow your fate with a wider smile! Have a wonderful holiday!
🔔 Let your heart be filled with the feeling of celebration. Let the love of your loved ones and the warm words of congratulations warm your soul. And let such happy moments in your life be as frequent as possible.
🔔 Today is your personal day, your individual holiday, so let it go perfectly! Have fun and enjoy! Happy Birthday!

  • Today is not only a wonderful holiday, but an event full of fairy tales, magic, miracles! No wonder they say: as you meet the year, so you will spend it. You start it with dreams, the beach, the sun, the sea, smiles and lots of beauty all around!
  • May your life be carefree, may happiness never end, may your heart sing with joy, and may dreams come true!
  • Let the golden thread of your life stretch endlessly, avoiding the sharp moments in its path, connecting with the threads of good people and forming strong knots of true friendship.
  • Let the problem burn, not the soul, let the desire be fulfilled, not the trouble. Good luck and financial stability! A peaceful love that will endure over the years, blessings from God and fulfilled dreams that will bring you true joy.
  • Even if life is not a story, you should only have sunny days, the stars should fall on your palm, and the princesses – in your arms! Prosperity for you and great success! Health, joy, patience, kindness, harmony and a bright path!
  • Happy Birthday! May each new day be as unusual as a tropical fruit in paradise, may success fly fast like a gust of southerly wind, and may life be filled with positive, hot emotions, like a summer sun at rush hour! Great love and great happiness!

🔔 Color today in the colors of the rainbow: with red love, with orange lights, with yellow sun, with green grass, with azure sky, with blue night, with purple flowers. And, like the merry rainbow, live happily ever after!
🔔 To live brightly, to swim in love, to protect your happiness and to always win, no matter how difficult it will be!
🔔 I wish you wonders, interesting discoveries, only good events, words of praise, sincere, delicate and passionate feelings and beautiful days like a rainbow!
🔔 Happy birthday! I want you to start each day with a cup of tea, in which you will generously add love, which will give you the strength of faith and sweeten you with bright hopes. Let this magical drink bring you a good mood!
🔔 Let no pain touch you, and let happiness and luck keep up with you! Today, organize a day off! Forget worries and find time for smiles! Have fun, enjoy, receive flowers and gifts!
🔔 May all the troubles take their way out of your way, go forward only with love and victories and continue to be inspired by this wonderful life!
🔔 I wish that happiness always fills your soul, and that your heart is always warmed by pure love! Let all your wishes come true on this special day! May your health become stronger and stronger, and may the steps of luck follow you everywhere! I want every moment of your life to be full of bright colors!

Best wishes for many years

If you do not have the opportunity to congratulate your loved ones directly or to participate in the party organized in honor of the festive event, then you can simply send a nice greeting-message. Try to find the words that would be most appropriate for the celebration, given its type of activity, its wishes and aspirations.
⭐ On the thin line between “yesterday” and “tomorrow” there is a victorious moment! Your birthday! And if life is just a game of time, I wish you to succeed in conquering this time, to make it useful and unforgettable, so that it has no power over destiny and only to rejuvenate you with the years!
⭐ In addition to gifts, flowers and compliments, I wish you would never know worries and live beautifully! May your life flourish, and may you hold happiness in your hand.
⭐ The most precious and most desired dreams come true, love to fall in love with you, and health to allow you to do whatever you want!
⭐ Today, I wish the following things to happen to you: everything you lost to find, useless things to disappear without a trace, the festive event not to end, and the good mood to always persist!
I want to wish you a positive mood in all aspects! Go through the green life, have colorful emotions and lots of joy, receive valuable gifts and mountains of sweets!

  • I wish you everything you need in life: a devoted friendship, a happy family waiting for you at work and the realization of your dreams!
  • On this holiday, I wish you stability in all areas of life, strong health and high salaries. Never lose your individuality, friends, luck and sense of humor!
  • Make a wish today and it will come true! Let the unexpected joys come into your life more often! Today is a miraculous holiday: if you smile at her, she will smile at you!
  • I wish you prosperity, happiness, many years! Smile, have fun and let these scattered lights in the sky paint your life happily! Have no reason to be sad, let your family always be close, and let your world be as bright as a fireworks display. May every minute of your life be the best!
  • Let there be sun in your sky, no clouds! And if the tears suddenly burst, then only happiness! May your life be sweet, without problems and bad weather!

⭐ Every new birthday should be different from last year, let only our sincere wishes remain unchanged! Every year you make more wishes and they are all fulfilled! To always have bright eyes, to smile at any obstacle, to turn difficulties into success. Be the best at everything you do!
⭐ Today is a magical day, that’s why all desires will come true. This holiday will be remembered as the best day of the year!
⭐ Have a nice birthday! I want the years not to have power over you, but to bring you only vivid emotions and pleasant experiences. Cheers to you and good luck!
⭐ Congratulations! You have so many extraordinary qualities! Be healthy and keep making us happy! Don’t be sad, because your life is just beginning, in full swing! Be lucky and say for everything you have a big “thank you” to destiny.
⭐ I do not want to wish you red caviar all year round, but I simply wish you health – it is the most invaluable, love – that turns us into naive children, joy – that will make a smile on your face in the more difficult time and luck every day – that will fulfill you.
⭐ Today I will pour your love, loyal friendship and happiness into a full glass! Birthday is a serious holiday, that’s why I decided to wish you a successful career, a loving family and a 3-storey house! Celebrate today with pleasure, let it be a real birthday party that will anticipate the great luck!
⭐ Let the weather pamper you in the morning, friends and acquaintances to bring you their smile and incredible surprises await you at home. Let all your wishes come true as soon as possible!

  • Without wasting a moment, I want to wish you a “happy birthday”! I would like to say a million eloquent words, but I will emphasize the main things: to have health and exercise, because this is life! Live a hundred years and feel like 18! A clear sky, a bright and radiant smile like the sun, many sparks of happiness, success and admiration, love and inspiration in the soul!
  • Some believe that every birthday takes us another year. But it’s not like that. With each passing year, we become better, wiser, more responsible. And the age in the bulletin is very stupid! I just wish you happiness and luck and to know that your appearance in the world is in itself a priceless gift!
  • Every passing day to add a drop of joy to the cup of your life, and with age to live an even more beautiful life, full of happy events. Happy birthday to you! Wisdom, health, kindness, luck, smiles and everything you want!
  • Today is your birthday – we wish you to live without difficulties, and happy eyes to always shine! May your life be accompanied by respect and honor, may each day bring you happiness and may all difficulties disappear!

Happy birthday to you

Birthday is an important holiday for every person, so the choice of cards should be approached wisely. And because it is the most personal holiday of the year, you will find here various birthday wishes – for my son or daughter, for my mother or father, happy birthday for my best friend or friend, etc.
🥛 No matter how many candles are on the cake today, this holiday is more joyful than all the previous ones. To bring you new hopes, mutual feelings and, of course, pleasant fun.
🥛 I wish you a happy birthday, to smile radiant all your life! Hopes for the night to come true in the morning. Good luck and close loved ones. Even heaven congratulates you today: Happy birthday, darling!
🥛 For your personal holiday, I raise my glass so that your dreams come true, but not all at once. After all, as much as a person dreams – he lives! I want the generator of your dreams to be inspired for at least another century!
I want you to wake up from the dream and realize that, in fact, the dream has come true. I don’t like empty expressions, that’s why I’ll just add not to count the years, but to keep your soul always young.
Congratulations on this special holiday! We want you to stay just as active, energetic, courageous, full of positive events and fun. And also to always be with your loved ones!
🥛 The world became more wonderful when you were born! May you be blessed, may your dreams come true and may life carry you on your wings of inspiration! I am proud of you! In my words, it’s just a reflection of everything you want and deserve! Let the wonderful glow in your eyes not disappear for even a moment, let them shine with such love, kindness and happiness, so that you can enjoy your life constantly and, thus, make us happier too – your dear people.
🥛 Today let your guiding star leave the sky and fall quietly in your palm, to bring you warmth and the fulfillment of your wishes! Remember that for us, all over the world, the main being is you!
🥛 Happy birthday to you! May your life be like a sea: stormy, clean, mysterious! Let the waves wash your heart of pain, let the pure water of happiness flood you, and let the power of success trouble your problems and flow even through difficulties!
🥛 For your birthday, I want all obstacles to fall from your shoulder, only good people around, your eyes to shine with happiness and tears never to flow from them! Today is the day when everything is possible!
🥛 Have today the best, most memorable and happy day of the year! Receive from us countless good wishes, well-being and good luck! Let life be made up only of white lines! Touch your dreams and just move on!
🥛 Have a wonderful birthday! To receive earthly happiness, luck and loving words as a gift! To have the best friends and mutual love, may your life be long, fulfilled, happy and peaceful! Today I wish you a wonderful mood and a lot of fun, suitable for celebration!
🥛 An iron health and a heart that sings of happiness! Today, the most desired promise to be fulfilled! May all dreams be boldly turned into truth today! The anniversary must be celebrated luxuriously!
🥛 Here’s a new anniversary! I wish life to give you the best moments of happiness, luck to gather in your house and light your way! Have more love, because it’s like air – just as important. Happy Holidays!
🥛 I wish you many sincere smiles and only kind people by your side! Good luck with you! Always be available and nothing will make you sad. Be loved and love, and in life everything will be top class!
🥛 This day is a glorious holiday – your birthday! I hasten to express my wish in a million words full of kindness and affection. May all the wonderful qualities of your personality always reign in your beautiful soul and multiply the good deeds! Keep up with the successes, stay young forever and find joy at all times.
🥛 I wish you loving family, success at work, faithful friends. Today I will come to you to mark your anniversary!
🥛 May your eyes enjoy the unexpected pleasant surprises and the rich birthday table today! Congratulations! Happiness, success and only good!
🥛 Today I want to congratulate you! Good luck and prosperity at your door. Have peace in the family, love, smiles. Enjoy the jokes of your friends and be a harmonious person: an intellectually developed person, rich spiritually, emotionally stable, self-confident, successful at work and living in love and comfort! Have a nice and happy birthday!
Choose the warmest and most original words for your loved ones: for a smile, for a good mood and for the feelings of happiness in the soul.