World Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20 each year to raise awareness of improving the well-being of children and to promote international unity. On this day, let’s not forget to share with those close to us and, especially, our own children, some texts, greeting cards and best wishes for June 1st.
We’ve put together the best June 1st birthday messages – June 1st greeting cards written or made by children, parents, teachers, relatives or educators. Use these June 1 greeting card templates for cards, SMS or social media

Congratulations on June 1 / Children’s Day, to be posted on Facebook

If you are looking for a June 1 (Children’s Day) greeting card on Facebook, then the examples below will serve as your best inspiration!

  • My little ones! I wish you the best Children’s Day gifts!
  • Children! We celebrate you today and every day! We wish you the best holiday!
  • The planting of honesty will reap confidence, and the planting of humility will reap greatness. Gather together to be the support of others and spread impartial care, because children must be treated with authenticity. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
  • If children are flowers, teachers are pure water that feeds them with care and love. They teach them to be intelligent and disciplined. Congratulations from June 1st to all the children in the class.
  • Children! I wish you a bright holiday!
  • Children are a basket full of emotion, joy and happiness, shining in the form of smiles. We wish our children all the happiness in life and make sure they receive all the love they deserve. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • I would like to thank all the adorable children in this world for making me smile simply because of their innocent self. Happy 1st of June!
  • In the eyes of a child there are not seven wonders of the world, but seven millions. Congratulations on June 1st!
  • Have a lovely day to have fun! Jump and smile! Happy Children’s Day!
  • A child can ask a thousand questions that the wisest person will not be able to answer. Congratulations, dear children!
  • You can learn a lot from children. Have patience, for example. Happy Children’s Day!
  • Do whatever you want today and don’t forget to make a wish! Happy Children’s Day!
  • We are so excited! It’s like a new holiday! Happy birthday to all special children!
  • Every child is a beautiful flower that makes the garden look cheerful. So, let’s water our flowers with care and love to let them bloom intelligently. 
  • Your smile is brighter than the sun! May your eyes shine like stars, because everyone knows what a beautiful child you are!
  • Be happy and may your laughter resound throughout your happy June 1st day!
  • If you carry your childhood with you, age will never be an obstacle in keeping you happy!
  • Children have a pure heart, which makes them the cutest in the world. Likewise, you have the best qualities, my dear children. I wish you a happy children’s day with a lot of love.
  • Daughters are the sweetest gift God gives to every mother. The daughter is a friend who understands her mother in the best possible way. Congratulations on my daughter’s Children’s Day!
  • Have a delicious, special and fun June 1st
  • Remain blessed and happy throughout your life. Happy birthday to our wonderful baby!
  • Our love knows no bounds for you. We think it’s important to give them wings to let them fly on their own. But just as important is growing up to grow roots. I love you, dear child, and have a happy Children’s Day.
  • From a child we learn to laugh and play. Let’s continue to celebrate Children’s Day!
  • Children are meant to be full of fun, to smile when others smile at them. They like to make others happy. On this International Children’s Day, let’s get together to take care of them.
  • We cannot shape our children according to our desires, we must have them and love them as God has given us. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
  • Your precious child is such a treasure that will thrive with every hug and kiss. Hold him close and sing him songs; will be just a child so little time… A Happy Children’s Day!
  • Congratulations on your birthday on June 1st

    Here we have gathered the most beautiful greetings from many years of June 1st! Children around the world are looking to be safe, looking for unconditional love, words of comfort and guidance. An idea to encourage them are such June 1st greeting cards.

    You are simply the best and I love you very much. Have a happy children’s day!
    A child can leave your lap, but never your heart. Happy 1st of June!
    ⭐ The day you came into my life, I knew what my purpose was. To love you and protect you with everything I have. Happy 1st of June!
    ⭐ I may not always carry you in my arms, but I will always have you in my heart. Best wishes today and always.
    I know a child who stole my heart and tells me – father. Happy birthday to a fantastic child!
    ⭐ Today we celebrate the day dedicated to the star of our family and I hope you know how special you are!
    No one has prepared me for how much love I have for my child. Happy 1st of June!
    You are the beautiful gift I receive every day. Happy 1st of June!
    ⭐ My biggest wish is for my children to always know how much I love them and to go through the rest of my life knowing that I will always be there for them!
    ⭐ Raising my children was my choice. Sometimes I give up on things for them, but I never regret it. No matter how far I go or how big I am, my life is and will always be for my children. They didn’t ruin my life; all they did was give me a new meaning in life. Happy June 1st, my dears!
    ⭐ Today is just another chance to pamper yourself and show you how much you are loved. Happy 1st of June!
    ⭐ May everything that makes you happy be yours today and always. Happy birthday from my father.
    ⭐ Children should be taught how to be a good human being, not how to be rich. I send a very warm wish for every child on this special day!
    ⭐ Take time today to celebrate June 1st! You are the best child a father could ask for!
    ⭐ Without my children, my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be very empty and sad!
    ⭐ I didn’t love anyone the way I love my children. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
    ⭐ As a mother I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I forget things. I’m losing my temper. And on some days, I’m a little crazy. But it’s okay because, in the end, no one could love my baby the way I do!
    My child may not have everything he wants in this world, but he has a mother who loves him more than anything in the world. Happy 1st of June!
    Not because he did anything amazing, but because you know how blessed you really are! Happy 1st of June for children and parents!
    You are the best gift! Having a baby like you is a blessing! Happy 1st of June!
    I will be your biggest fan. I will be your protector. I will always defend you. I will be your friend. I will be your confidant. I will always be proud of you. I will love you unconditionally, because I will always and forever be your father! Happy 1st of June!
    You made me the greatest gift of all: fatherhood. Happy birthday to one of my favorite kids ever!
    ⭐ My little one will never have to wonder where to go for love, support or a hug. His mother will always be there for him, no matter how big he grows up… Happy June 1st!
    ⭐ No matter what, I want my children to know that they were wanted, that I prayed for them, and that they are loved forever. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
    ⭐ You look at your baby and just smile
    ⭐ Good luck with your bright future as we celebrate your special day – June 1st!
    ⭐ I love you more than I could ever find a way to tell you! Congratulations on Children’s Day!
    ⭐ In my life, you are the sun that never fades and the moon that never disappears. Enlighten, my child!
    ⭐ Let me love you a little more before no less. Happy 1st of June!
    ⭐ I wish you all the best on your special children’s day!
    ⭐ Telling my children how much I love them is not just a habit. It is a constant reminder to let them know that I am the best thing that ever happened to me!
    ⭐ You are the best child I know. Happy 1st of June!
    ⭐ The best thing in the world is to see your children smiling because of you. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
    ⭐ Make sure every child you meet feels appreciated on their special day!
    ⭐ If I could give my child three things, it would be the confidence to always know his self-worth, the power to follow his dreams and the ability to know how much he really loves!

    Christian congratulations on June 1

    ✅️ You have been chosen to be a great influence in your little one’s life. Let the love of God shine through you, so that your child may know the love of Christ.
    ✅️ Raising a child is a wonderful and challenging blessing. God gives us the wisdom we need only if we ask. Happy June 1st to all!
    ✅️ May your faith grow as your little one grows. Congratulations on June 1st!
    ✅️ Happy June 1st to my cute baby. I send you my love and blessings. God loves you so much and so do I.
    ✅️ The Lord works miracles every day, and your child is one of those miracles. Happy birthday!
    ✅️ Congratulations on June 1st! Through you a miracle has been performed!
    ✅️ May your child know through you the great love of our heavenly Father. Happy 1st of June!
    ✅️ We will pray for you in this happy time! Happy 1st of June!
    ✅️ and much to follow Him every day of your life.
    ✅️ Do whatever you want, because today the world is full of celebration and delight! God bless every child!
    ✅️ All babies are born with a loving father, because there is a father who knew them even before they were born. Congratulations to all the children on June 1st!
    ✅️ We are all called to be children of God regardless of our age or condition. Congratulations to all the children on June 1st!
    ✅️ Happy June 1st to our little champion. You fill our hearts with joy and love. We are proud of you. May the Lord keep you in His care!
    ✅️ You are a precious gift to me. Have an amazing day on June 1, full of lots of fun and joy. Happy birthday to you and may God always be alive 
    ✅️ May you continue to seek the wisdom of God. Congratulations, sweet baby!
    ✅️ We want you to learn to love God’s way as you grow. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
    ✅️ Every child born in the world is a new thought of God, a possibility always fresh and bright!
    ✅️ Please be patient to endure the challenges you face. May you grow in faith! Congratulations on June 1, dear students!
    ✅️ Only God knows the great plans He has for your baby. He loves your baby. Congratulations on Children’s Day!
    ✅️ Jesus loves us, our children and the children of our children. Every child is a continuation of His legacy of love. Congratulations to all the children on June 1st!
    ✅️ Thank God for beautiful babies like your little one! Congratulations on Children’s Day for him!

    Funny June 1st Greeting Cards

    If you want to put into words the special feelings for the biggest legacy of life – children – here are some ideas for personalized June 1st greeting cards. And if the little ones have inherited a sense of humor, then such funny June 1st greeting cards will be relevant:

    • My dear, I feel blessed to have you. You are cute, innocent and caring. I wonder who sent you these traits
      . I think it’s me! Have a very happy children’s day!
    • May your life be full of laughter to the ears, jokes and many smiles. I wish you a very happy children’s day.
    • China is the country in the world that has banned Children’s Day because it ends up giving too many gifts to too many people.
    • Children’s Day must be linked to love, care and support, because that allows them to flourish intelligently (of course, if they are genetically predisposed!). Congratulations to the children!
    • There are two things that a child would happily and willingly share with everyone – the communicable disease and the secrets of his or her parents. Congratulations on June 1st!
    • Let’s become children again with our children and let’s enjoy June 1st!
    • Children are like buds that will soon become flowers and spread their fragrance in this world! Congratulations on June 1st!
    • The child’s face has the power to say everything. We are talking about the mouth! Smile more often, dear children!
    • Childhood is the time when you don’t care about weight or clothes, or even hair. On this children’s day, I want to feel like a child again and be as naughty as possible.
    • My dear child, you bring fun (and stress sometimes!) Into my life. But believe me, my world has never been so full, not even in my childhood! Yes, I have to clean up after you and always be on guard, but I like it. Congratulations on June 1st, my child!
    • Get out of your room, we’ve made cakes for you. Congratulations on June 1st, my child!
    • May the child in you live forever and ever. Warm Children’s Day wishes for you!
    • One of the weirdest things about children is that they act the way they think! I wish you a very happy day for the children.
    • Only teachers are those people in the world for whom every day is Children’s Day and, therefore, on this day it is worth celebrating. Congratulations on June 1st!
    • Adult: How to prevent a disease caused by biting insects.
    • The best memories of childhood are full of joy, when we play and sprinkle mud on our clothes without having to worry about our parents. Congratulations on June 1 for all children.
    • Children are naughty, and International Children’s Day is the time to acknowledge their naughtiness with a note of care and value. Congratulations on June 1st to all the children around!
    • We must declare Children’s Day a national holiday, because we all have a child in us and, therefore, we all deserve a holiday!
    • Children get dirty so often because they are much closer to the ground compared to adults… Congratulations on June 1st!
    • The beauty of a child comes to life with its naughtiness. It is the most beautiful gift of God. Therefore, let us pledge to protect his rights on this International Children’s Day and always support him.

    Personalized June 1st greeting cards

    Raising children can be a challenge, but it is also one of the most incredible things you will ever do! These personalized June 1st greeting cards will

    ➡️ The angels flew a long way to wish you a very happy children’s day!
    ➡️ I would like the Lord to send June 1st blessings for a child as precious as my son!
    ➡️ Dear daughter! I wish you lots of gifts, joy and sweets on your special day.
    ➡️ This Children’s Day wish is full of hugs, kisses and love for my son!
    ➡️ It may not be a surprise, but you are a special child in our eyes. Happy Children’s Day, our dear son!
    ➡️ Children’s Day is very special and not because of the cake. I like the cake… but not as much as I love you!
    ➡️ I wish you a children’s day full of fun and happiness, dear students! Happy Birthday!
    ➡️ May all your dreams come true today and always! Happy June 1st, my sweet baby!
    ➡️ My sweet niece! Shine as bright as the sun and the stars! Congratulations!
    ➡️ I wish you happy smiles today and every day, for the rest of your life, dear grandchildren!
    ➡️ Be loved forever, today and always! Let’s celebrate Children’s Day with great pomp, my dear son!
    ➡️ I look forward to Children’s Day. Happy birthday, daughter! You are my Love!
    ➡️ Happy June 1st to a fantastic, fun, incredibly amazing baby!
    ➡️ May Children’s Day be as happy as you are! Happy birthday, my baby!
    ➡️ Elevi! I wish you a children’s day full of all the things you love!
    ➡️ Dear students! Enjoy a day surrounded by all your favorite things! It’s your birthday!
    ➡️ May you be flooded today with gifts of love and joy. I wish you, son, the happiest of all days for children!
    ➡️ I send you a bright wish, daughter, so that you can laugh and play as much as possible on Children’s Day!
    ➡️ You are the sweetest angel! I pray for a bright future for you on Children’s Day!
    ➡️ Children’s Day is just one of the 365 days of a trip around the sun. I hope you enjoy the trip, my son!
    ➡️ I hope you have a lovely holiday this year and for many years to come! I love you, my grandchildren!
    ➡️ You fill my life with joy and laughter! Have a happy life, dear granddaughter!
    ➡️ I hope June 1st is full of fun and surprises for you!
    ➡️ Today is such a perfect day to celebrate! God bless you, have fun and enjoy your special day, little one!
    ➡️ May June 1st bring you a lot of joy and laughter on your special day! I love you, dear daughter!
    ➡️ My nephew! You are so cute, sweet and smart. I wish you a happy children’s day with all my heart!
    ➡️ May the Day of the Most Fantastic Son be as sweet as sugar!
    ➡️ I’m not praising you enough, but this day is your special day and I’m so lucky and proud to call you my daughter!
    ➡️ Daughter! I send you tons of hugs and kisses on your special day of June 1!
    ➡️ We love you, little one, and we hope to celebrate you on your special day of June 1st!
    ➡️ You are a very good child and I send you special wishes for Children’s Day!
    ➡️ May Children’s Day be as bright as yours! I love you, my little prince!
    ➡️ You hold my heart all your life. Happy June 1st to my special child!
    ➡️ Children’s Day is becoming more and more interesting every year, because we see you laughing, growing up and living your dreams. Happy birthday to a little princess!
    ➡️ For one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen – happy birthday on June 1st!
    ➡️ Happy Birthday to one of the brightest stars ever!
    ➡️ Happy birthday to my shining star’s Children’s Day! Friends, united family and new toys!
    ➡️ Today is the day to celebrate you, dear children, because you are the dearest!
    ➡️ Happy birthday to one of the sweetest kids on the planet!
    ➡️ I wish my child a very special and happy children’s day!
    ➡️ As we celebrate you, have a special day, with a lot of love. You are a child sent from above!
    ➡️ I wish the best Children’s Day to one of the best children I know!
    ➡️ Celebrating Children’s Day makes me so happy and I wish you happiness too, dear daughter!
    ➡️ You are more important to me than anyone else in the world and I wish you Children’s Day blessings.
    ➡️ May all your dreams and desires be fulfilled today, my child. Happy 1st of June!

    Wishes and greetings from June 1 for children

    Children bring an overwhelming sense of joy and love. If life were without children, then it would be incomplete. Check out our collection of Children’s Day greeting cards – June 1 – wise and exciting! It is a holiday when we have to remind the little ones that they are protected and loved, and a good method is such wishes and congratulations for June 1st for the children.

    🎁 May Children’s Day be filled with many kisses! We love you!
    🎁 If you take good care of your child, he will become the pride of the nation. Congratulations on June 1st!
    🎁 We feel blessed to have you in our lives. Your smile is enough to make us forget all the unnecessary things we worry about. Thank you for bringing enthusiasm into our lives. Have an amazing children’s day.
    🎁 What miracles can make your little smile! Happy Children’s Day, my little one!
    🎁 May your path become a bunch of flowers that will bloom your life with love, happiness and precious moments! Have a nice children’s day!
    🎁 The cake and the ice cream are about to arrive, to celebrate the children’s special day!
    🎁 I hope you have a truly magical and joyful day for children!
    🎁 Do not educate children to be rich. Educate them to be happy so that when they grow up, they will know the value of things and not just the price. Congratulations on June 1st!
    🎁 There is something we can’t buy, one of those things is our childhood. Enjoy the spirit of Children’s Day!
    🎁 Childhood is a happy place, so enjoy your childhood days and make good memories! You will cherish them when you grow up. Have a happy children’s day!
    🎁 My dear, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Always be the cute baby you are, and raise a good person, just like your mother! Congratulations on June 1st!
    🎁 I wish you a lot of laughter, fun and love on the big day of the children who are waiting for you!
    🎁 The stars in the sky shine only for you, because I know that you are a star too! Happy June 1st, little one!
    🎁 Today’s children will make Romania tomorrow. The way we reveal them will determine the future of the country. Best wishes for Children’s Day!
    🎁 Dear children, on this day dedicated entirely to you, I want you to know that there are no words on earth that I can use to describe how special you are to me. May happiness and the sun always fill your world. Congratulations on Children’s Day, my dears!
    🎁 We celebrate another children’s day with great joy!
    🎁 There is warmth and innocence in the smile of children, who whenever they smile, bring joy and love in the air. Congratulations on June 1st!

    🎁 For me, you are the most precious blessing. I cherish every moment I spend with you. Congratulations on June 1st, my dear child!
    Children are God’s gifts; let them fly with their thoughts. Congratulations on June 1st!
    🎁 I wish you blessing and happiness on this amazing children’s day!
    🎁 We are so grateful to celebrate this very special Children’s Day with an amazing and fantastic child like you!
    On this children’s day, promise yourself that you will not turn your back when you see a child in danger!
    🎁 Every child is like a flower and two flowers cannot be compared. Congratulations on June 1st!
    🎁 Best wishes for Children’s Day! We are lucky to have you!
    🎁 Take care and support a child today and he will grow up tomorrow to care for and support the nation! Congratulations on June 1st!
    🎁 Congratulations on June 1st! Believe in yourself and follow your dreams. And don’t forget, you are loved today and forever!
    🎁 A beloved child today will spread love tomorrow! Congratulations on June 1st!
    🎁 To give wings to our children and allow their creative imagination to fly high and measure the limits of the sky.
    🎁 Thank you for making my life worth living. Happy Children’s Day, my dears!
    🎁 On Children’s Day, I have so many wishes for you and so little time. You deserve the best today and every day!
    🎁 Your parents should be so proud of you, especially on this holiday!